Friday, January 22, 2021

Forgotten History

Once upon a time in Atlantis...

Yeah, there was an Atlantis. I have clear memories of being there and even remember what I was doing and who I was with. Science limits itself by its definition of evidence, and needs to expand. There are a lot of people throughout the world who remember living in Atlantis – the Hopi used to live there; so did the Mayans and Egyptians; and peoples from Mongolia; and many peoples in South America, like the Kogi, remember a time they lived there.

… a small group of people living there had developed consciously to a very high level, a level of awareness that many might find impossible for humans to attain. These few had broken the bonds of gravity and were able to levitate at will and do all sorts of amazing things. Most of the people living on Atlantis were much like us, however, with third-dimensional consciousness. Between the ordinary people and these very high level beings were another group that we know of called the Mayans, essentially the priesthood responsible for translating through ceremony.

Everything was fine for the longest time until a meteorite just missed the western shores of Atlantis, off the eastern shores of the U.S., destabilizing the continent when it hit. Four thousand years later, or about 13,000 years before now, the Earth experienced one of its cyclical pole shifts. The weakened continent of Atlantis could not withstand the pole shift and sank beneath the waves.

The high level beings on Atlantis knew this was going to happen well in advance, so they prepared for the event. One small group of these advanced beings built a very large pyramid out of stone. That pyramid sits today at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Bimini. Inside the pyramid they built a technology called the merkaba in an attempt to control the fate of the continent of Atlantis, and eventually the entire planet. In their attempt they lost control of this technology with a devastating result. It unexpectedly split open dimensional levels between the third and fourth dimensions, exposing the ordinary people of Atlantis to a level of consciousness they were not prepared for, and allowed beings from other levels of existence to enter their world. The last two hundred years of Atlantis were very painful, with people sick and dying, and ended as a disaster bigger than one can imagine.

As a result of this unfortunate mistake, three men of this exclusive group, all Ascended Masters who had escaped the cycle of birth and death – Ra, Araragat, and Chiquetet Arlich Vomalites - came up with a novel solution to the crisis. Their idea was to restore our consciousness to the way it was before, so they built the Great Pyramid in Egypt before the collapse of Atlantis through a manipulation of consciousness. Modern science, to this day, can still not explain how the pyramids were constructed. We could not build them today. These three men built the Great Pyramid in a matter of hours, without laborers, and most amazingly... they built it from the top down at a specific place on the Earth in Egypt. When scientists checked the mortar between the stones, they are baffled that the mortar on top is older than the mortar at the base.

Form and structure have power, and some places on Earth have different energy than others. The Great Pyramid was not the only structure they built; there was actually a web, or network of structures built all over the planet at sacred sites. 83,000 of these buildings were built over time with the objective of changing the way the Earth functions. While these have been built largely by normal means over the past 13,000 years, the overall network itself was assembled by consciousness in a matter of hours in the fourth dimension. There still stand today thousands of amazing pyramids on every continent, but this number of structures also includes amazing churches, mosques, monasteries, temples, and such everywhere.

This was the beginning of an ancient science called Geomancy that we know only a little bit about. Geomancy is essentially a technology using stones, rocks, crystals, and even metal wires to change the energy flow of the Earth. All of these thousands of special buildings are situated on very precise points on the Earth's surface. They contribute to changing the flow of energy inside the Earth and the energy that flows above it. The net effect of doing this was to create a new consciousness grid to replace the one lost in Atlantis, where our planetary level of consciousness dropped down a level 13,000 years ago. (This is the same fall of man spoken of in the Bible.)

Without this grid, which surrounds the entire Earth, we cannot return to where we once were. All of this construction over the past 13,000 years has made possible the transformation in consciousness that we are now experiencing on the Earth. Without this grid, there would be no ascension. We are approaching a time when the entire collective human race will make the jump in consciousness back to where we were before the fall, back to a more harmonic way of interacting with the world and one another.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Welcome to the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

In case anyone missed it, one month ago today there were two events which took place at exactly 6.22 pm UTC, and for the following 10-15 seconds, on the 21st of December 2020 during the Northern Hemisphere's Winter Solstice and the Southern Hemisphere's Summer Solstice.

First, a Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn (in Aquarius) happened. Second, at that instant, 400,000 benevolent lightworkers across the world engaged in a long-planned activation meditation.

The positive energetic changes in the planet which those two events triggered in the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and sub-lunar space, at several dimensions and in several parallel quantum realities, are likely to change near-present and future human history on Earth permanently.

Most of these changes will be deeply and radically shocking to those who haven't yet got what has been going on behind the scenes, beneath the surface and above the atmosphere in recent years. But the changes themselves will be strongly benevolent for human civilization, culture, health, governance and finance. They will also, at last, be powerfully beneficial to the climate and the biosphere.

This being the case, it is tricky to make predictions in the usual, incremental and gradual way. So much now is happily uncertain. And so many people who know are observing a deep public silence about the likely specific outcomes.

There will, however, never be another year like 2020. That year was the last dance of the devil before its un-creation.

The pulse of new energies which flooded into Planet Earth on the 21st of December 2020 were the energies of pure galactic Love: Aquarian Goddess energies; the energies of transformative nurture, coherence, togetherness, sisterhood and brotherhood. They came through from the M87 galaxy in the Virgo cluster.

That pulse of new Aquarian energies flashed through the surface planetary grid and stabilized the positive ascension timeline for the planet. The good news timeline for humanity is now settled in place.

The pulse also set in train the deconstruction of the negative quantum matrix surrounding the Earth which was depressing the spirits of many in the surface human population, limiting their consciousness, making them ill and keeping them ill.

This matrix had been in place for 25,000 years and was originally constructed by negative entities from the Andromeda galaxy. These ETs had humanoid bodies and lived inside the Earth in subterranean cities. The matrix they constructed surrounded the whole planet on all sides and was, originally, a sort of scalar electromagnetic fence ('The Veil').

The Andromedan negatives had no direct or substantive contact with the surface human population until the early twentieth century. Then, in the West, their influence slowly became evident. Germany turned evil at the top levels of national governance.

Back to the present, after the new 21.12.20 energizations were grounded, benevolent ET lightships working in the sub-lunar space, and larger motherships stationed further out, were able to anchor pure Light on the surface of the Earth for the first time since 1996. The details of the races, species, people and processes involved in all this are esoteric and in some particulars have extreme X-files or Star Wars characteristics. It is time for Full Disclosure. Ready or not, we are all citizens of the stars, and the world is going to change incredibly fast... for the better. Welcome to the dawning of the Age of Aquarius!

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Inauguration Day

On this momentous day – Inauguration Day following a fraudulent election – most Americans remain oblivious to what is happening. The number of citizens who appreciate the gravity of the nation's predicament at this crossroad is staggering... but not surprising. In most revolutions, it is the two percent that have assessed the situation properly and take the risks that avert the rest from going over a precipice. The same is true on this day. A very small minority of patriots realize what is at stake if we do not act decisively today.

Most of the public is content to be oblivious and maintain the status quo, come what may. Some may truly be called cowards, but most are simply ignorant or do not have the constitution to act in the face of dire circumstances. In such times, the heroes step forward. Not every one has what it takes to be a hero.

General George Washington knew in his time that most of the public was asleep during the Revolutionary War. He knew full well that there were just a few individuals that understood what was really going on. This is what he said: “The reflection upon my situation and that of this army produces many an uneasy hour, when all around me are rapt in sleep. Few people know the predicament we are in.”

Most people in the country, even Trump supporters, do not fully understand the predicament we are in. In time, we will sing songs about and erect statues to the gallant men and women who put their lives on the line to overthrow the weight of tyranny that looms should we not act. Thank God there are men and women who put justice and integrity above personal gain. They are heroes, heroes all.

Out My Back Door

Today is a day that will change everything – a day when a new direction for the world will be confirmed. It will be noted as a pivot point between before and after, between corruption and healing, between fear and confidence. But for me, the sun rises beautifully as I take this photo out my back door, as on any other perfect day here on earth. In my remote world, away from the noise of the world of “tambourines and elephants”, today is like any other – perfect and holy. The chickadees at my feeder sing the same song, not matter what. The world of men is anxious, but for the rest of nature, it is a never-ending celebration as usual.

Rather than wax political, I prefer to dote on Jung's reflection: “... silence surrounds me almost audibly and I live in modest harmony with nature. Thoughts rise to the surface, reaching back into the centuries, accordingly anticipating a remote future. Here the torment of creation is lessened; creativity and play are close together.”

Let the cards fall where they may. My life is an endless game of creativity and play. The world follows its timeline, I follow mine.  “Bother me tomorrow, today I'll got no sorrows. Doo, doo, doo, looking out my back door.”

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

God Bless America: Enjoy the Show


Shifting the Human Collective

There is massive corruption in our political system here in the United States – but it is also all over the world as well. There is massive corruption in our media. We have been massively lied to and brainwashed. The election was massively fraudulent. There was cheating, lying, stealing, and massive manipulation. The reason that a lot of people still cannot accept this is because of cognitive dissonance. They can't believe something like this could happen... and so they are not going to believe it. And they're okay with that. It doesn't seem to matter that it is an established absolute truth and that it did happen and continues to happen.

The reason everything is being shown to us this way is in order to show us the darkness. We have to see the darkness that has surrounded us; we have to see the shadows. We have to see it for ourselves so that we can come to believe it exists and so that we can choose a different and better way; so that we can choose to no longer listen to the mainstream media; so that we can choose to have a different kind of political system. But in order to choose, we have to confront the darkness, not only in the world... but within ourselves.

From a larger perspective, as a collective species, we are clearing our external consciousness and shifting into higher states of awareness. In order to do that, we must see the shadow of the world. At the same time our own shadow is being shown to us. As humans we often don't recognize that when something external like this happens, like when we are watching our political system be dismantled or watching the corruption come to life, it triggers the shadow side within each of us.

We need to allow ourselves to to find an understanding, to feel it, and allow it to be. Instead of just loving ourselves in detachment, we get emotionally involved and project those negative attachments out into the world as anger and rage. We may feel sad and defeated and great despair. It's okay. Really! We are only human, after all. But it is necessary to dive into the darkness, the shadow within each of us, in order for a genuine shift of our own consciousness to occur.

If you tune into your higher knowing, your intuition, your fundamental read on the world, you already know that in the end the light wins. Before that final victory, each of us may have to navigate some very intense moments. If each of us can honor everything that we are feeling in each now moment, not projecting it out on the external world, not only will we individually be able to shift more quickly into higher states of consciousness, but so will the human collective.

All we have to do, no matter what happens, is love ourselves, have compassion for ourselves, and have empathy for ourselves. That is all that is necessary for our energy to shift where we want it to be. The moment when you make the space to allow yourself to feel what is happening within – and not reflect it outward – is the moment everything shifts.

Whether you see it approaching or not, there is a lot of change coming – a lot that will create uncomfortable emotions. If we don't change how we react and just continue to perpetuate a thoughtless external reaction, we are only perpetuating the consciousness we seek to clear.

Just go inside and feel it. Maybe it will take hours and hours of time alone to feel it, but when you put in the time, the release will come, and generally quickly. The anger and rage that you may have felt simply evaporates as you move up in frequency. Peace and calm will find you if you just allow yourself to feel the sadness, to feel yourself out of control, to just go with whatever you are feeling inside.

Feel whatever enters in moment to moment. Take time out and just feel what is inside you. Feel it deeply. Whatever it is you feel, ask yourself, “Can I love this? Can I love this emotion right now? Can I love myself feeling this way?” Ask yourself, “ Can I just let go?”

A lot of the suffering and a lot of the emotional experience we are having is because we have been restricted, trying to control outcomes. Just let it go. Don't try to control how you feel. They're your feelings. Own them. Let them go. Forget about trying to change external outcomes. Let it go.

Ask yourself, “Can I trust? Do you trust that the light wins? Do you trust that what is unraveling is for the good of humanity, no matter how it may appear? Can you trust the fact that by letting go of trying to control everything you are feeling, you are shifting yourself... and shifting the greater human collective at the same time? Can you trust that?”

Feel what comes through you. It's not about anybody or anything else but you. This is how you shift yourself. This is how we all shift together.

Can you love this? Can you let go and trust it? The sooner we acknowledge our shadow as a part of us, the faster we allow ourselves as individuals and as a collective.

It's alright to still get angry. Go ahead, stand up and speak your mind. We're talking balance here, not one extreme or the other. It's okay to get upset. Then go inward and ask yourself, “What needs to be felt?” If it is sadness, then feel it. Cry, break down if you feel it. If that is the way you feel, then allow it, because by allowing it you are able to come into a very empowered, very centered and aligned state of being. Your frequency shifts the moment you allow yourself to feel.

If you get stuck in anger and getting upset at what is transpiring it is only going to take longer for the entire human collective to shift. It's alright to get upset by all that has been going on, but don't project those emotions outward. Feel them to their fullest extent, then let them go. Take a deep breath, then exhale. Yelling at someone, fighting, blowing things up, burning things – that is a human not wanting to deal with their own shadow.

We are clearing the human collective and clearing our own frequency – we are going from a lower frequency to a higher frequency. We cannot do that without seeing the shadow within as well as the shadow on the outside. When we witness physical aggression on a riotous scale, what we are watching is unconscious humans feeling their shadow, but unable to deal with it internally, so they project it outward.

This is what we came here as humans to learn. We are here to feel it all and to bring it all back into balance. This is all about you. This is all about me. This is all about how we are collectively shifting that insane dark consciousness that has surrounded us our entire lives. The U.S. elections have allowed a lot of shadow to come into the light. Some of us are ready, but some of us are still not ready to go inward to feel so that we can all shift.

Things are going to get even more intense. We will see things we may have never imagined were real. Terrible things. The amount of corruption is more than most of us could ever imagined. Now it is all coming out into the open. And it does not feel good.

But it is allowing us to shift on a large scale, like never before. It is allowing us to stand in our hearts, in our sovereignty, in our own light, in our own integrity, allowing us to love ourselves to such a degree that we will love everyone else in the process.

The moment you sit alone in your sadness will be the moment you know it is all okay. We are going to get through this. The dark has to be seen. We have to witness this difficult time in order to shift out of it. You've got to feel the lower frequencies within to springboard to higher frequencies. Be courageous. Come home to your heart, your breath, your light, and to all the emotions you are feeling. Take it all in and just let it out.

Inspired by Lori Ladd

Monday, January 18, 2021

The True Story of the Tortoise and the Hare

The famous story of the ‘Hare and the Tortoise’ was written long ago by Aesop.

In this story, you recall, the hare lost the race. Thereafter, an adage was coined, wherein everyone in the world started quoting the example of Tortoise by saying the slow and steady winner of the race demonstrates the values of persistence and dedication.

But, no one has ever bothered to ask the Hare his version of the story. So let me tell you the story from a different point of view. I once met the Hare and sat down with him for a heart to heart talk. And this is what the hare had to say after we spent the better part of a balmy summer afternoon getting to know each other.

It was a wonderful experience talking to the hare and this is what he had to say.

Yes, I am the hare who lost the race. No, I did not get lazy or complacent. Let me explain how I saw things.

I was hopping over the meadows near the hills and looked back to realize that the tortoise was nowhere in sight.

Assured of my healthy lead, I decided to take a short nap under the large banyan tree near the pond.

The pressure of the race had kept me up all night. For days, that old silly tortoise had boasted about his ability to plod for hundreds of miles without stopping.

Life is a marathon, said the hare and not a sprint. So, I wanted to show him that I could run both far and fast.

The shade of the tree was like an umbrella. I found an oval rock, covered it with grass, and turned it into a makeshift pillow.

I could hear the leaves rustling and the bees buzzing – I felt they were collaborating and even conspiring to put me to sleep. And it didn’t take them long to succeed.

I saw myself floating on a log in a beautiful stream of water. As I came near the shore, I found an old man, with a flowing beard, sitting on a rock in a meditative pose. He opened his eyes, gave me an all-knowing smile, and asked:

Who are you?”

I am a hare that is running a race.”

But why?”

Just to prove to all the creatures in the jungle that I am the fastest.”

But, why do you want to prove that you are the fastest?” asked the old man.

So that I get a medal which will give me status which will give me money and that’ll get me food…”

There is already so much food around.” He pointed at the forest located at a close distance. “Look at all those trees laden with fruits and nuts, all those leafy branches. It’s all for you. Go eat.”

But I also want respect. I want to be remembered as the fastest hare who ever lived.”

Do you know the name of the fastest deer or the largest elephant or the strongest lion who lived a thousand years before you?” asked the old man.

No” said the hare.

Today you have been challenged by a tortoise. Tomorrow, it will be a snake. Then it will be a zebra. Will you keep racing all your life to prove that you are the fastest?” asked the old man.

Hmm. I didn’t think in that manner. Sorry, I don’t want to race all my life.”

So then, what do you want to do?”

I want to sleep under a banyan tree on a makeshift pillow while the leaves rustle and the bees buzz. I want to hop over the meadows near the hills and swim in the pond.”

You can do all these things this very moment, so forget the race. Life is so uncertain. You are here today, but you will be gone tomorrow,” said the old man.

And I suddenly woke up from my sleep. The ducks in the pond looked happy. I jumped into the pond, startling them for a moment. They looked at me quizzically and asked.

Weren’t you supposed to be racing with the tortoise today?”

It’s a pointless race. An exercise in futility. All I want in life is to be here,” said the hare.

Hopefully, someday, someone will tell the world my story. That I lost the rat-race but won the life race.

The idea of a good life is a balance … friends. Hare tells us that.

By Kamlesh Tripathi on January 12th, 2021, in

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Letting Go of Outcomes

We all have to reconcile when things don’t go our way. The current state of political affairs in thie world will ultimately conclude with a large percentage of people being unhappy. Sometimes the act of reconciliation is more important than getting what we originally wanted, however.

Somewhere in our past as children we learned that crying or pouting might get us that treat in the grocery store from Mom. Memory of that behavior is still there, somewhere in the recesses of our minds; the urge to try this strategy as adults may still linger in the background, but it likely would be far less effective, if not embarrassing, since we are now adults.

Does it still seem that more things seem to not go the way we want them to than the other way around? Murphy's Law states that if anything can go wrong, it will. When things go wrong, as they seem to so often do, do you sometimes want to crawl off into a corner or have a temper tantrum?

There is always another alternative way to respond - we can handle misfortune gracefully. Grace isn’t about suppressing heart-ache or failure so much as it is about being present and honest about things while holding our dignity. That’s why we always love stories about the underdog becoming triumphant... and why we empathize when they are not.

About twenty years ago, a dear friend of mine was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Her doctor performed surgery, but the cancer was so extensive she was told she did not have much longer to live. As a new mother with a little girl, it was the most crushing news she and her husband could receive. Since orthodox medicine did not have a solution and sent her home with a terminal prognosis, Shari abandoned their forecast outcome and immediately set about to fully live in the moment – every moment – and dig down into her health imbalance to seek solutions both within and in the world at large.

Living well past her two-month prognosis, Shari lived seventeen years in defiance of all formal medical understanding, bringing three more healthy little girls into the world during that time. Abandoning the bad news, she set about to change everything about her lifestyle and thinking that she believed contributed to her health challenge. Though she ultimately passed, leaving a heartbroken husband and four sweet daughters, her wisdom continues to inspire everyone who knew her, including her doctors. She was such a great example of grace under the worst possible duress – the threat of losing it all.

Most of us have heard, “It is the journey, not the destination” or “It’s not about winning or losing, but about how you play the game”. Such words of wisdom have become so clich├ęd that we may forget to embody them. Life is full of challenges for each of us. Remember that is why we came here in the first place – to learn lessons from the challenges we agreed to. Throughout our lives we are called to embody the spiritual wisdom that invites us to remain present in the moment, to love fearlessly and cultivate compassion for ourselves and all those around us.

It is possible to be at peace at any time you choose if you pierce through the false reality we have been made to believe, based upon the idea of life and death, to touch the ultimate reality in which the energy we are made of can neither be created nor destroyed. By recognizing the interconnectedness of all existence, we can move beyond the idea that we are separate, and expand our compassion and love in such a way that we take action to better meet our challenges and overcome them as best we can with grace.

A crisis such as we find in the world at this moment may be one of our greatest opportunities to take a look at things that are not working and change our course in history. It is essential for our creativity and health to always choose love instead of fear as a lens through which we see the world – especially now.

Stress is almost always the result of fear, or worrying about outcomes. Peace almost always arises when we can be fully present in the moment. If we make now the destination then we will find that we are already here and outcomes in the future will mean a whole lot less. Right action is its own reward, we don’t need to chase dangling carrots.

We will not have this world as we know it forever, but right now the sun is still rising every morning. We have so much that we overlook as we gaze into the future. The solutions we seek may just present themselves effortlessly if we can become fully present and receptive in the moment. If the world ends tomorrow, what will it matter if we took the time to enjoy it today?

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Alien Invasion

@ Randy Cramer, United States Marine Corps, SSP Earth Defense Force

Sources at the Earth Defense Force have received recent credible intelligence that Earth has become a planet of interest to a certain aggressive insectoid alien civilization. It is believed there is more than a reasonable chance that we may see them in our solar system sometime soon and that they intend to land on Earth. At a time when the entire planet is in upheaval both politically and financially, it is more than a little bit concerning that our damaged planet may be facing perhaps an existential challenge of an alien invasion.

It is not the first time there has been an incursion of similar insectoid aliens. Near Crestone, Colorado, in the shadow of Blanca Peak in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, a group of Marines were sent in to gas out a visiting contingent of ant beings that began setting up a hive there because they were displaying unfriendly characteristics, and were too close for comfort to underground military installations near there. Blanca Peak and the area to the west where the Great Sand Dunes are located provide access to a vast hived network tunneled out by ancient ant species long before there were humans on the Earth. The extensive sand of the dunes came from those tunnels deep underground, piled up the way all ants do when they tunnel. Interestingly, the Navajo people claim that it was the ant people who saved their nation by taking them underground when the surface was being destroyed long ago. Their legends say that the ant people led them back to the surface when it was safe where they emerged from a supapu (entrance to the underworld) in the vicinity of Blanca Peak, one of the sacred mountains for the Navajo.

Regarding this particular insectoid species, quite a bit is known about the way it operates, but it's not good news. Can we fight them? Certainly, but we'll have to use technology that as of yet has not been shared or introduced on the planet. Tech in use against enemy combatants in space by Secret Space Forces (largely Marines) like hydraulically-operated battle suits and plasma rifles with a higher melting point like a plasma ball or Gauss rifles with higher penetration projectiles. These insectoid aliens have exoskeletons, often three inches thick, that are resilient enough that lead bullets just bounce off of them. It won't matter if the public is armed with firearms and standard munitions, citizens will be defenseless unless they have phosphorus rounds that heat up to higher temperatures.

So one might ask, if we have this Space Force that most of us heretofore have not been made aware of, is it planning to take measures to block a ground invasion before they reach the surface. Whatever level of technological advancement that our Space Force currently has, while it is certainly effective, does not mean a ground invasion can be avoided. It's all going to come down to how many ships they bring and how large of a battle group we have to meet them in space, whether or not we can enlist the support of other alien allies, and whether resident species in our oceans and underground choose to join in the surface conflict. We are not going to know what we are dealing with until we are able to measure the size of their fleet as they approach and secure commitments of allied support. Like ant species on Earth, this species has a hive mentality. There is no individual thinking or chain of command. The loss of individual members is immaterial. They will bring a very large force and fight relentlessly until they prevail or every last insectoid is vanquished. That is why they are so formidable. The SSP will use everything they have learned tactically as a defensive and offensive military space-faring species, but there are no guarantees on how successful our space force will be against a large aggressive force like this. Have Marines in space faced this species before? Yes, so there is experience with them.

This insectoid species has got considerable experience with hostilities. Aggression and conquest is their way of life. Because the citizens of Earth have never had a serious disclosure as to the abundance of lifeforms that humans interact with in space, in our own oceans, and within our planet under the surface, we are at a great disadvantage in preparing for such an event. There will need to be a forced disclosure event, and soon, so that the planetary citizenry can quickly get up to speed before the invasion begins. Two things could quickly result: Either a significant majority of the human population will become casualties or we will somehow unite and work together to exercise a coordinated defense of the planet. This is not a battle that Earth can win without off-planet support, however

Most of their fleet will consist of landing craft for personnel transport. Big ships will have smaller lander ships filled with fight-to-the-death soldier drones that will be dropped off to wreck havoc. This insectoid species is essentially giant bugs that do all the things that giant bugs do - like swarm in vast numbers and overwhelm. These creatures stand between seven and eight feet tall; they walk on all fours and use their arms and manipulative digits when they stand. They are big, fast, and scary – and carnivorous, so they can quickly bite off a person's head, eat people, or just tear them apart. We are their food. They are a lot like driver ants that can take down a tethered horse in a short period of time – relentless, aggressive, and hostile.

As a concerning caveat, Randy Cramer emphatically suggested at the conclusion of his disclosure on the Gaia Network on January 12, 2021, that we are going to find out soon enough. Intuitively, I don't sense this as being imminent – certainly not in 2021 or 2022, and I don't have any sense of dread hanging out there until toward the end of the decade. Perhaps in some unforeseen manner the crisis it portends may ultimately be averted. One can only hope we are that lucky. Certainly enough time to stock up on bug spray!!!!! Being familiar with Randy Cramer for several years now, however, and appreciating his impeccable credibility, I would say we should nonetheless be vigilant for any further information in this regard.

Friday, January 15, 2021

The Warrior's Path

There are only two paths in life to choose from. One is the carefully examined life of the warrior who follows a path of righteousness in service to Spirit by design, while patiently waiting to return from whence he came. The warrior understands what he is waiting for. Then there are those who tire and lose faith and patience with the examined life. They follow a heartless path that revolves around their own personal history. Everything is personal for those who give up.

The warrior knows that nothing can befall us except for what we consciously choose to experience. There is no fear on the path with a heart. Ultimate freedom comes from surrendering choice, paradoxically, and yielding the personal to the Divine Rule. It is the self-importance of the ordinary man that destroys his spiritual energy. Without a warrior's self discipline, self-importance gradually reduces the average man to a self-indulgent, pitiful, spineless creature waiting in fear to die.

Anonymity and obscurity are the greatest treasure and most powerful weapon of the warrior, When you cease the struggle, you surrender to nothingness before your time. There are no second chances when facing the unknowable powers of the Universe. The warrior's path connects one to a Universe that is always full of challenge, but one that can only be followed alone. Only through discipline can one learn detachment.

A warrior tunes himself through arduous discipline. Without false hopes, he faces death as the next stage in his travel along the path. A warrior's life is based upon impeccability instead of faith. Each action plays a role in determining whether total freedom (heaven) is ever achieved.

~inspired by the teachings of Don Juan Matus

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Time to Fear We the People

This famous quote defines two different states of relationship between the U.S. Government and the people they allegedly represent. Either a state where the citizens of this country hold their government accountable to their oaths to uphold the Constitution, or a state where the nation falls into tyranny because the citizens fail to do their job and hold their government accountable. There is no doubt which of these two states is the state of this country today.

The citizens of the United States still live in fear of their government, and the country has been seized by tyrants. By the term “government” I am not simply referring to our “elected” officials, but also to those who benefit from the government as well as control it, which include the Central bankers and Wall Street billionaires, primarily using Big Pharma and Big Tech to enslave the population.

While this group of Big Pharma, Tech, and Government officials may appear “big” and “powerful,” they really are a small minority among us. Because they are few compared to the rest of us, the one thing they fear more than anything else is YOU and ME! The government fears the people disobeying them and rising up against them, but recently we, the people, have given them nothing to be afraid of, and so they are making their boldest move yet to enslave the American people.

If Americans want to take their country back and drain the swamp, we better start planning to do it ourselves, and not leave it all to Donald Trump to save the rest of us. If we the people want to make the government fear us, we don’t need President Trump to help us, although he is certainly welcome to start overseeing the arrest and prosecution of treasonous officials and others, particularly pedophiles involved in Satanic ritual abuse. But we should not be depending upon Trump to do all the work. We the people, united together to fight our common enemies, can and must be able to do it without him.

We need to stop fighting each other over fake political divides like Right vs. Left, and Liberal vs. Conservative. The government and all of the actors that empower the government, which includes domestic as well as foreign players - all bad actors - are our common enemy.

The second American Civil War has already started, and our common enemy has fired the first shots in a cyber warfare where the opposition has struck first by using Big Tech to silence the speech of its opposition, seeking to control all communications. This is all part of a plan that has been unfolding for decades; the COVID Plandemic was the fuel they needed to advance their agenda of expanded control over the rest of us. It is a battle that has been built on fear - fear over an “unseen enemy” that is nothing more than an ordinary virus blown out of proportion.

We who live in the United States are very fortunate, because we already have blueprints to take back our country called the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We certainly do not need the police state to issue martial law and suspend the Constitution. Massive public resistance, all done legally within the written law of the Constitution, is all that is needed.

Could there be violence? Sure, if honest citizens and peace officers trying to make peaceful arrests meet resistance from proxies of the tyrants. In such case the Constitution provides for its citizens to bear arms, and form militias. Those are the principles from which this Republic was founded, and such actions done appropriately are within our legal right.

What is illegal are the actions of the tyrants and the some of the current police state. The police state is so well armed, that it may ultimately take good men and women defecting from the military and law enforcement to join citizens to counter any resistance with local militia groups. But maybe even more crucial than armed militias will be defectors from the intelligence communities, and Big Tech corporations, as our civil war is more of a cyber war.

Any actions taken in this cyber war that involve protecting our Constitutional rights such as the right to privacy, our right to free speech, our right to assemble together, should not be seen as illegal, but fully Constitutional and legal. The swamp has fired the first shot, and we have every right to use whatever means is necessary to disrupt their networks and communication systems in defense of the Constitution to defend our rights.

Big Tech has become arrogant and has over-played its hand. It is very vulnerable, and it is time it fears the power and authority of the people. Criminals now run this country, both in the government and in the private sectors. Let us no longer fear our government; it is time to give them cause to fear we the people.

Adapted from article by Brian Shilhavy, Editor, Health Impact News, January 11, 2021

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