Thursday, November 3, 2016

Quantum Dreaming

The central pillar of quantum physics is what can be termed "the observer effect" in which the act of observation is not merely passive reception of information, but is in reality a very much inclusive creative act we are all engaged in, knowingly or unknowingly, every moment of our lives. One cannot help but wonder how the world would change, and how quickly, if the general population understood what quantum physics is telling us - that we have all been endowed with the power to co-create every detail of our own reality.

In the practice of lucid dreaming we learn to control ourselves, as opposed to controlling the dream, getting in touch with our sovereign power to co-create what occurs within the dream landscape. When you become consciously aware inside a dream you can make conscious choices as to how you wish to interact with the dream experience. What would happen if more of us could become aware of the world-shaping creative power that we wield? If we can learn how to make choices while dreaming, how would things change if we wake up to our powers of quantum creation in our daily lives?

Have some people already figured out how to apply their own power for personal success and happiness? Could everyone learn what they have discovered and apply a deeper understanding of the connection between consciousness and the manifestation of our experience in the world? In both our night and waking dream worlds? While night dreams and our waking world appear to be different, are they, deep down in their essence, really different, or are they made of the same stuff? Spiritual wisdom traditions through the ages —including quantum physics— have indicated we live in a sort of dreamlike reality. Perhaps we need to take their considerations seriously and realize we are all just living in one big dream. Becoming lucid in our waking dream would change everything.

Could the process of transforming our semi-conscious waking state into one of lucid choice-making be the very shift that our species needs to make the evolutionary transition from “Homo Somnabulens” to “Homo Lucidus”? Perhaps an engaged understanding of quantum physics may be the thing that enables us to finally bring about and e-lucid-ate a comprehensive and long dreamed for bridge between spirituality and science. The real potential of Lucid-Dreaming Quantum Physics may be a human world that is able to collectively embrace the power of lucid dreaming to bring into physical reality its yet unrealized yearnings that lie deep within the unfulfilled dreams of the night and the human heart.As quantum physics reflects, often asking the right question is more important than finding the right answer!!!

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