Monday, December 12, 2016

A World Reborn through la Femme

"Cars were at a 12 minute standstill and the traffic light repeatedly cycled green to red. In the streets, throngs of sign-toting New Yorkers were giving voice to their passion. There were tears and profanity. The waves of protesters streamed endlessly. “FUCK TRUMP” was the choice mantra of this movement. The perplexed Nepalese driver turned and said in his broken English, “Why is dese womens mad? I know what woman is. Hillary has not even little kindly heart. She is no woman.”" - **Kelly Brogan, MD and Louise Kuo Habakus

Women donned in pant suits, desperately eager to play a historic role in breaking through the glass ceiling and usher in a new era of female leadership in the United States, exhorting each other through unity in their indignation over the aggressive rule-breaking Republican patriarchal candidate, aligned with Hillary as their redemption, their healer, the one who would right all the wrongs and confer upon women a power they felt they have always been denied. But the yellow brick road they followed would not lead them to meet the great Oz.

It seems only natural for women to get behind another woman running for office. But in their desperation to find an immediate solution, women who supported Hillary Clinton for President got duped. If nothing else, their advocacy served only to continue the shackles of the old feminism, which unfortunately serves only to indenture and arrest the development of women today.

"Classical feminism is men versus women. It’s burning bras. It’s fighting for what’s ours. It’s throwing our lipstick away, gunning for every shred of external validation offered to men — from clothing to salary to parenting roles to front-line combat units. It’s “no thanks, I got the door for myself.” It’s even cultivating aggression and hate. It may feel empowering. But when we engage feminism primarily from the masculine principle, it contributes further to our silent and chronic oppression."**

This illusion of power through sovereignty only takes women further away from their innate creative power, from their cosmic feminine energy, from the great divine mother. The old style of feminism only serves to divest women from their own sacred place in the world. A woman does not achieve equality by practicing the masculine principle and competing with men by their rules. A woman who sets aside her grace, her deep sense of nurturance, and her unparalleled powers of intuition has only co-opted the masculine principle.

Hillary Clinton represented women's tendency to be appeased with exactly what holds women back. Well grounded in the masculine principle, she was a phony as far as being a woman candidate. Even post-election polls showed that more of those who voted for her saw her as a man than as a woman. She is a wolf in sheep's clothing and she tried to prevail in a male-dominated institution by being like her counterparts and outdoing a wolf in wolf's clothing. The taxi driver's comment about Hillary having no heart was an unspoken embarrassment on the part of the majority who saw little feminity remaining in this candidate.

Hillary's gender-busting candidacy was mostly smoke and mirrors with the marionette's strings undetected by those tuned to the mainstream media. Now that the vote has been tallied, it should be clear that voting for someone just because she has a vagina is nothing less than an aggressive sexist notion extremized by the old feminism. Women who voted against Hillary saw beyond her subterranean hate and shadowy character and realized that a vote for Hillary was a vote for the world-destroying machine to which she is beholden. Putting a vaginal canal in the oval office would have been an illusory gain, at best, with women only drifting further away from their true healing potential.

It is a time for women to wake up. Disappointment and destruction may be a part of this process, and may instigate the healing and regeneration that is desperately needed. There is no doubt that we all need to activate the divine feminine to heal the planet. "Sometimes the darkness reveals the path toward the light and invites more and more of us to walk it than would otherwise."** If something good is to come of this it is because perhaps more people are "feeling" today, in their grief and mourning of perceived loss. A true awakening awaits, and invites. There is a lot of fuel for the fire. Feelings that have been sublimated need activated now to hasten the awakening.

We are in a place of potentially grave instability on this planet. It’s an instability that cuts to the core of all of our ecosystems and threatens our continuity on Mother Earth. A lot is out of balance. The pain is great. We are disconnected from something vital. We have become out of touch with the safety and love of our mother, our planet. It is a feminine wound. A better world awaits, however. Hillary was never going to be the conduit to achieve a better world. Perhaps Mr. Trump is precisely what is needed to awaken women, leading to a liberation from their continued captivity in a narrative that has no room for the divine feminine power.

The game is not vaginas versus cocks. We do not need women who seek to mimic the dress and comportment of men. Men and women are not equal. It’s not matter of “our turn” or fair play. Women must examine their collective time-honored hurt; own it, work with it and integrate it to bring about healing. "The most powerful force on this planet is a woman’s divine compass — a compass that only knows the feeling of the collective as one. It knows that we can shift out of our righteousness and into a place of core stability because we already have everything we need if we choose to trust it, feel it, and own it."**

Women have given away their deepest powers of manifestation and creation. It will not be reclaimed by grabbing, or crying "foul"; it returns not through victimhood, but with women radiating who they really are "because we already have everything we need if we choose to trust it, feel it, and own it."** When women can trust in their natural-born power and remind us of who we all are and our place in the world, they will find their long-lost place of honor and respect. Hillary demonstrated hopefully the last vestige of an old dying counter-productive and counter-intuitive model of feminism, built upon conventional power structures, dogma, and non-integration. Emboldened by possibilities, only women can bring about a new birth through pain and suffering through their heart-centered consciousness. Perhaps the seeds sown in this election, if nurtured well, will ultimately lead the wolf in wolf's clothing, whether intentionally or inadvertently, to heal the world and allow a New Story to unfold.

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