Thursday, December 29, 2016

Dreamers, Doers, Thinkers, Seers

We Dreamers
Thinkers, Doers, and Seers.
Creating time to make the world.
Passing between
And knowing that, though truth be a goal
it is only bound to a reality.
Passing beyond a reality of here and now
And truth or fiction have no necessity.
Visualize a peak and climb to its top to
Jump into life.
Energies of here focus
one through to the beyond.
Confused, see the inter-relatedness of life.
But to see we pay the price of the Doer,
Doing a life’s work, like a dream unfolding
And when we return with spirit’s vision
It requires thinking to put it all
Break the chord, See, Be, Do, what is a Life?
Lost in vision, we stop to know.
Thinking straight, we see the curves
Which come round again.
The Vision is expensive.
Energy flows.
We are dreamers,
thinkers, doers, and seers.
Silence enfolds us now.
donald j. voss jr.

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