Friday, December 9, 2016

Livin and Lovin

I don't have to meditate or sit around daydreaming for hours to grow in spirit. I only have to be human and honor the man that I am. I respect my body, I enjoy my body, I love my body, I feed, clean, and heal my body. I go for long runs and do what makes my body feel good. In India they do a ritual called puja in which they take idols that represent God in many different forms and bathe and feed them lovingly. They even say mantras to their idols. But the idols really don't matter. It is the way they say "I love you, God" that matters. I do a puja with my body. It is no less than a communion between me and my Maker. I don't need to worship idols of Jesus or the Buddha - I've got my own body to worship. My body is every bit an equal manifestation of the Divine, and when I practice giving love to every part of my body I am sowing the seeds of love. I honor the growth of those seeds as I unfold in this body in the world.

Every action becomes a ritual in which I honor All That Is. Every thought, every emotion, every belief becomes a communion with God as I live without judgment or victimization or the need to gossip or abuse myself. Action is about living fully. Inaction only denies life. I am not afraid to be alive and take risks to express just who I am. My expression is my action in the world. I love who I am and what I do and shall do my best at every turn. I am not here to sacrifice the joy in my life to anyone or anything. I am here to truly live, be happy, and to love.

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