Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Mad Man Looking in the Mirror

I got mad during the presidential election - mad at anyone who was stupid enough to be voting for Hillary Clinton. In retrospect, the election was just an excuse for me to get mad at myself. I got mad because I was afraid; it was my way of dealing with fear. While I was fairly confident that Clinton would not win the election I projected my anger on those who refused to acknowledge the illegitimacy of her candidacy and criminality of her character. I was afraid of how much would be lost in our way of life if she were to prevail. Despite a desirable outcome I have still had to deal with my fear, and I have still had to deal with myself.

I like to think I am afraid of nothing. But if I had no fears I would not have gotten mad. I do not like myself when I get mad or when I judge others as being not up to my standards. Sure, mea culpa, but what am I going to do about it? I know that if I dwell in complete love, there is no place for its opposite emotion of fear in my heart and mind. If I don't feel fear, then everything around me will feel good. I need even to extend love to Hillary Clinton and recognize that even had she won I could have still chosen to find happiness and goodness in the world. I know that if I am loving everything around me and feeling great, then the world at every turn is going to be great. If I can live in a total state of peaceful bliss then everything around me will be wonderful and beautiful. That is true love-inspired reality. I am still wounded that I resorted to responding out of fear instead of maintaining a peaceful outlook. No matter what happens I can choose to live in peaceful bliss and make love to the world all around me.

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