Sunday, December 25, 2016

Sharing a Dream Together

On this holiest of days in the Christian tradition, let's share a beautiful dream together, you and me.

It's a warm sunny day. You find yourself in the middle of a broad field of colorful flowers, birds singing from the trees at the edge of the field; a light breeze caresses your cheek and flowing hair as you walk toward the sound of a stream at the edge of the field. There you find me sitting quiety and notice all the colors of the flowers seem to be shining as beautiful light from my head. You look into my eyes and feel love in my smile. You smile and ask if you can learn to shine with all these beautiful colors as I do.

I tell you a story of how I have been loved by many people over a lifetime and how I stored love that was given in my heart and used it to kindle a great fire there, a hot fire that purifies everything that it touches. The fire touched every cell in my body, and as I loved every cell in my body, every cell in my body loved me back. I became one with my own body. But the flame grew and reached my emotions and mind, and as I loved them as well I came to love myself completely and unconditionally.

As the fire burned brighter with my love, a great need grew within to share this love, so I shared it with a tree. I shared a little piece of my love with each of the trees, and the trees loved me back, making the flame within me grow even brighter. I put a piece of my love in every flower, in all the grasses, in the earth, in every stone, and each loved me back in turn, and we were one. I gave my love to the wind and all the waters of the earth, and we were one. My love grew to form a communion with every animal and every plant in the world, the air, the waters, and all of the earth. As each loved me back in turn, we became one and my love grew only that much stronger.

I turned my love to the sky and gave a piece of my love to the sun and the moon, and a little piece to every star in the night sky, and they loved me in return, and my love kept growing and growing. Then I put my love in evey human and became one with all of humanity. I turned to the Creator of All Things and gave thanks for the gift of all things around me and the opportunity to love and be loved by them. I gave thanks for my wonderful body and mind, the air that I breathe, the water that I drink and bathe in, the sun, the moon, and the stars and everything under them. I gave thanks for the Creator of All Things for living within me and shining its radiance through me in love. I gave thanks for using my heart to share this love, for my senses to appreciate all the beauty, wonder, and mystery of the world.

As you stare at the love and light dancing in my eyes I remind you of what you already know - the secret behind the mystery is to sow the seeds of love, beginning within yourself, then expanding outward to all things. The more love you sow (share) the more love you will harvest, fueling the fire within. It is the fire within that is the Creator of All Things in you. Feed the fire with your love and become one with All Things. Give thanks at every turn and make love your way of life, and you will forever shine in your own bright light.

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