Monday, February 6, 2017

Don't Like the Headlines? Change Them.

Too often we lose sight of the fact that we live in the best of times - right now. We forget that each of us chose to be here right now, that each of us is on assignment to seed and anchor an emerging reality that will spring from the limitations and chaos that now seem to surround us. We forget that no matter how bad we think things are, we should not resort to fear, under any circumstance, because fear only serves to fuel the things and outcomes that we fear.

Energy ALWAYS follows thoughts. Powerful energy is generated with each thought, especially when infused with passionate emotion. If enough people devote their energy to the same fears, their collective consciousness sets up an energetic pattern that imprints itself on the quantum field of all possibilities, ultimately manifesting as their reality. We are powerful creators of every outcome we witness. We are called to assist in the shift of humanity's consciousness by lifting the veil from the collective mindset of fear.

The mass of humanity lives day to day in a trance, in the erroneous belief that they have no control over outcomes. People forget they are much more than the three-dimensional reflection looking back at them from the mirror. People believe they are separated from the larger picture. They experience the sensations of the physical body they inhabit and allow themselves to be programmed by limiting ideas and beliefs. They have forgotten they are limitless multidimensional beings of unlimited potential.

Most folks are proceeding in just the opposite way in which they could. They focus on the things they do not want. They worry about not having enough. They forget that their thoughts and anxiety projected onto the quantum field of all possibilities attracts what they focus on - "not enough".

We are each invited to remember who we are and remember that we came here to learn how to overcome the challenges three-dimensional reality would throw at us. Each of us is a catalyst, an alchemist, an agent of change of immense power, beyond measure. We are here to show the way of how to empower our own focused intentions.

See the world as One; realize the Divine presence in yourself and all the world around you. You are a unique portal through which divine light and love enter three-dimensional reality. When you read the headlines or listen to the news and become distraught or distracted, triggered or enraged, shift your focus to the way you would like the world to become instead. The world too often reflects the empowered focus of exactly what the collective opposes. If more people shifted their focus to more positive outcomes, the headlines would quickly follow.

Do not call on beings of higher dimensions to intercede and shift the world you wish to change. You are master of your own domain. You have come here and been put in charge of making your own reality according to your own focused intent. You choose to focus upon the chaos and confusion. Behind it is a grand transformation and ascension process at play. You have already effected mighty change to reach the point we find ourselves today. Continue to expand your personal consciousness. Be aware of who you really are, and anchor that awareness with appreciation and abundant gratitude. This simple act shifts your perspective and you begin to see the landscape of reality from a higher viewpoint as you seed the world you most desire to experience.

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