Sunday, March 5, 2017

an Unavoidable Clash of Civilizations

Westerners with a liberal, welcoming, open mind-set need to come to a realization that Islam is not just a religion, but is an adversarial political ideology as well. Islam is a comprehensive cultural, religious and political system of ideology that encompasses and controls every aspect of a believer's life. While religious freedom is an inviolable foundational argument in the United States, it is not an appropriate defense for Muslims immigrating to the United States. It is the politics of Islam that should be of greatest concern, not the freedom to practice the religion of Islam. To Muslims the rest of us are kafirs (non-Muslims) which determines how we are viewed and treated according to a dualistic Islamic ethical standard. Kafirs can be abused in the worst ways or they can be treated like a good neighbor.

We kafirs need to educate ourselves world about political Islam, its founder Mohammed, his political doctrine and his god, Allah, and not make fatal assumptions about this tojan horse. There are five principles contained in the Koran, the Hadith (the traditions of Mohammed) and his biography, the Sira. It is written and believed as a major tenet that kafirs must submit to Islam in all politics and public life; that every aspect of kafir civilization must submit to political Islam.

Non-believers are so important that they have several names. Christians and Jews are called People of the Book or infidels. Other religious names for non-Muslims are atheist, polytheist, and pagan. But the Koran uses one word that includes all of the religious names. That name is kafir. Kafir is usually translated as unbeliever, but that translation is wrong. Unbeliever is a neutral word. The Koran is very clear about the kafir. Indeed, the Koran defines the kafir by how it speaks of them. Kafirs are the lowest and worst form of life. Kafirs can be robbed, murdered, tortured, enslaved, crucified and more. Later in this chapter, more of the Koran’s doctrine of the kafir is given in some detail. But the key point is that a kafir is not only a non-Muslim, but also a person who falls under a different moral code from the Muslim. The Koran is devoted to the division between those who believe Mohammed, Muslims, and those who do not, kafirs. This grand division of the Koran means that there are two points of view of the Koran—the view of the Muslim and the view of the kafir.

The third principle of Islam is duality. Here is a verse from the Koran: 109:2 "I do not worship what you worship, and you do not worship what I worship. I will never worship what you worship, and you will never worship what I worship. You to your religion, me to my religion." This sounds very tolerant, but this verse was written later: 9:5 "When the sacred months are passed, kill the kafirs wherever you find them. Take them as captives, besiege them, and lie in wait for them with every kind of ambush. If they submit to Islam, observe prayer, and pay the poor tax, then let them go their way. Allah is gracious and merciful." Now we have absolute intolerance. This contradiction is normal for the Koran and is even addressed in the Koran. The solution to contradiction is called abrogation where the later verse is better than the earlier verse. The logic here is very important. Since Allah is perfect and the Koran is the exact words of Allah, then both contradictory verses are true, but the later verse is better or stronger. This leads to dualistic logic where two contradictory facts can both be true.

Islam means submission and being a Muslim means one who has submitted. It is clearly stated in the three works of Islam that all kafirs and their civilizations must be annihilated. Mohammed’s success depended on violence to persuade kafirs that he was the prophet of Allah. Submission is political, as well as religious. Islam demands that kafirs submit in every aspect of public life. Every part of kafir culture is an offense to Allah.

Look at Muslim dominant nations throughout the world to see how Muslims think and behave. You see a total lack of civil society, of rule of law, of freedom for journalists, women, Christians, or an apostate who wants to leave Islam. The Quran has more anti-Semitism in it than Mein Kampf. You are allowed to leave Christianity or Judaism and become an atheist or the follower of another religion; you are not allowed to leave Islam or you face the penalty is death, proof of the totalitarian approach of sharia. It is the total anti-thesis of our way of life and focus on freedom and rule of law. This kind of thinking and violence within an ideology is not something our American way of life is going to ever change and it is something that we should not be importing.

The Japanese do not allow the immigration of Muslims or the building of mosques in Japan. They understand that Islam and freedom are incompatible. Muslim people, in and of themselves, are fine. It is the ideology of Islam that is very dangerous. People of different cultures are certainly more alike than different, but different cultures do not necessarily blend harmoniously, no matter how optimistic our utopian visions. We must respect differences and not seek complete blending of cultures throughout the world. Survival and evolution of any group is more associated with differentiation than homogeneity. Differentiation has long-term value, despite the short-term inherent conflict that may always exist between people of different world views.

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