Monday, March 27, 2017

Gonna Cash in my Mind

I am increasingly becoming a monastic in my own mind, increasingly preferring to reconnect with the past and dream of the future while I disengage psychologically from the present. Call me a Stoic dropout. I'm not necessarily a conservative fuddy-duddy or a liberal freak, and certainly not a reactionary, a racist, a xenophobe, or a homophobe, and I don't like it when anyone attempts to label me as any of those. I am simply exhausted by the frenzied way the world has become. The music I like, the movies I enjoy, and the sports I follow or practice are not current fare. Instead, I'm mentally and physically moving back to where there are more woods than people, where I can live in the peace of the past or dream of the future, and step away from the here and now.
 I'm gonna cash in my hand
And pick up on a piece of land
And build myself a cabin back in the woods
Lord, it's there I'm gonna stay
Until there comes a day
When this old world starts to changing for the good
from James Taylor's Mud Slide Slim

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