Thursday, March 23, 2017

the Crescent and the Cross

Despite the exponential display of aggressive Islamic terrorism throughout the civilized world, the increasingly secular leadership of the West continues to excuse, ignore, or justify every evil action of Sharia law, of jihad, and of Caliphate building. The pages of history are covered with blood from the times Islamic culture has clashed with Christians. This perspective is not lost in the teachings of Muslims at mosques anywhere in the world today, but it is glazed over in the West as if the matter of differences has somehow been reconciled by forgetting the past. No reconciliation can ever be achieved as long as one side teaches its followers that the other side is the enemy.  

Underlying this disparity between how each culture views the other is the influence of science in the West. While followers of Islamic ideology have never departed from their centuries-old animosity toward Christians, in the West one cannot criticize Islam, even fairly, without being accused of suffering from a “phobia”, demonstrating just how far science has intruded into Western cultural discourse. To be concerned about the extreme and fanatical manifestations of a religion is not to be prejudiced against the religion itself.

There are many differences between Christianity and Islam. The two will likely never be compatible. In Islam both Jesus and Mohammad are viewed as prophets, but Jesus is viewed as sinful and subordinate to Muhammad; Christians judge Muhammad as one of the many false prophets that Jesus warned against. Jesus taught tolerance, forgiveness, non-violence, unselfish love, and self-sacrifice, while Muhammad practiced and promoted warfare and violence, hatred, intolerance, misogyny, oppression, and pedophilia. Muslims believe the Qur'an is inspired by Allah and the Bible corrupt. Yet it is clear in the Qur'an that Allah lies, the Prophet Muhammad lies, and the true Muslim is permitted to lie so long as it promotes the proliferation of Islam. There is absolutely no restraint to the evil which is permitted in Allah's name by the true Muslim.

There are no hard and fast truths in the Qur'an; any "truth" can be instantly generated and regenerated to suit the interpretation of the imam. Christian ideology looks upon the teachings of Allah as irrational, as Allah demands total subjugation to whatever the imam currently proclaims. Salvation comes through works under Islam, and through faith in Christianity. This is truly an unbridgeable chasm between the two ideologies. 

Muslims deem Christians as infidels/non-believers and subject to the most severe treatment, including death, for leaving God. Jihad is crucial to the purity of Islam but viewed as against God's teachings, hateful, and sinful by Christianity. There are today many places in the world where Muslims persecute Christians, yet no place where Christians persecute Muslims. In relationships, Sharia allows the transitory marriage of one man to many women, considered subordinate to men, while Christians have a single lifetime co-equal partner.

Looking at Iraq over the past decade and a half, we witness the blood of Christians spilled on their altars, altars which have been overturned to clear the way for worship of Allah. For the first time in 1600 years, mass is no longer celebrated in Mosul. When we look to the Middle East and see the purging of Christianity from the very land in which it grew and the great losses endured by the Cross to be handed over to the Crescent, all the citizens and land and cities given over to the followers of Muhammad, we see the beginnings of a holy war that seems unavoidable. The welcome mat for Muslims throughout Europe is leading Europe into a period of turmoil not unlike the days just prior to World War II. Jihad and Islamist groups increasingly accuse Western powers of conducting another “crusade” against Muslims under the auspices of denying their right to practice the Islamic religion under Sharia without sanction.

Any attempt to hold onto the traditional rights and values of Europeans prior to the recent Muslim infusion is being labeled fascist. The United States is not far behind Europe. The West must come to terms with the unalterable conclusion that Christianity and Islam do not, nor have they ever been able to, coexist amenably in the same society. MULTICULTURALISM DOES NOT WORK. The sooner we face the fact that Islamic ideology is an incompatible enemy of our Western way of life and the sooner we can draw a line between the two, the less suffering we will all sustain in our errant attempt to live together.

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