Saturday, January 20, 2018

Doorway to the Next World

Two things have always made me curious about the existence of extraterrestrials and how they arrive here. One is that their flying craft seem to defy all the laws of modern physics. I have personally seen maneuvers in flight that are “impossible” (not to mention what is shown on feature documentaries and YouTube), moves that should kill any pilot or passengers in the craft. And second, the nearest star to our own sun is Proxima Centauri at 4.24 light years (1.3 parsecs) away. Since light speed is an unimaginable 186,000 miles per second, even if these ET's have acquired light speed technology, an eight-and-a-half year round trip seems hardly worth coming here just to zoom across the sky to entertain watchers on the earth. How do they get here so fast?

Sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects are most frequent in two areas: over the United States of America and around the Sun. As the most technically advanced nation on the planet, it is probably the area in which technically advanced ET beings would have the most interest, or perhaps because it is the USA which will play the most critical role in determining mankind's future. But why are NASA and other space agencies as well as professional and amateur astronomers seeing such heavy traffic of these same UFO's traveling back and forth between the Sun?

The Sun has recently been developing strange characteristics - large holes where parts of the Sun appear to be completely missing, called coronal holes. These are more than holes; they are massive empty spaces with stars visible behind the sun. Our government will not tell us, but satellite images show us something strange is going on with the Sun. Interestingly, these particular dark holes always coincide with the summer solstice and the winter solstice. What is the meaning of these coronal cold spots only appearing on these two pivotal days of the solar calendar?

Pyramids and stellae at ancient ruins on every continent show doorways on the Sun that are only open on the shortest day of the year and the longest day. The solstices were always a significant marker to the ancients; a reminder to their gods, perhaps, that it was time to go home? The conclusions one might draw from this are staggering. Is the Sun a gateway for interstellar travel? A doorway that reaches into space, into the outer reaches of the cosmos? Undeniable empirical archeological evidence would indicate that this is so, no matter how it is interpreted.

If the door of the Sun is a stargate, it explains why so many UFO's have been observed flying into and from the sun. If there is more UFO activity around the sun than anywhere else in the solar system, it is because the sun is more than just a ball of light; it is an open door for travel beyond our solar system. The Babylonians called it the Gate of God; the Egyptians called it the Gate of Heaven. Is it a doorway that leads to the next world, far beyond our imaginings? Knowledge of this beckons us into space where we will find our future as well as the source of all UFO's and perhaps the source of our own being.

My understanding is that the sun is at the other end of a wormhole, a shortcut through the time-space continuum that enables travelers to move great distances in no time. When hyperspace physics is fully revealed we may learn that every star that we see in the night sky is connected with a black hole by a wormhole between them, defying all concepts of space and time in our modern understanding of physics.

All shapes and sizes of UFOs with varying propulsion systems use the same portal to come and go. Their differences would imply that they are not all of the same race or origin, coming here from a variety of galaxies. Are they coming here to invite us to follow? The WHY is a topic for another conversation.

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