Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Forgotten Gnosis, Suspended Memories

The fact that earth has visitors from other worlds has never been in doubt in my mind. Five times I have personally witnessed UFOs, twice up close. The bigger question surrounding their frequent visits here is WHY? What is their purpose for being here and making their presence so obviously known to so many for so long?

Down through time it has always been known that there are beings more advanced than the human race who have been involved with the Earth and its inhabitants. Today, we refer to these beings as aliens or extraterrestrials and call their craft UFOs. The ancient Egyptians called them the guardians, the Neteru. The writings of the most ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, those of Sumer and Babylon, called them the Annunaki. In the ancient Vedic literature of India the various gods had many names, but they always traveled the skies in their craft, which were called vimana. The ancient aborigines of Australia called them the creator gods, the Wandjina.

Early in the origin of Judaism, multiple gods were recognized as the Elohim, the plural of the word for God, El. Many times they are referred to as the sons of God. In the mystery texts of the Hebrews, the Books of Enoch, they were called the Watchers. In the Bible they are referred to as angels, archangels, and as Watchers, but regardless of which culture we look at, from the Native Americans to the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, Central America, or even Africa, the concept is the same. 
With all this historic precedent we still live in a world where scientists, governments, and religions deny that we have company from beyond the stars with a vested interest in us. With respect to the power of control over the world and its people it is understandable that the powers that be might feel threatened. The Pope and royal monarchs have been able to write extraterrestrial influence out of our history until seriously challenged by ancient texts discovered in the 1940's in the Middle East.

The Dead Sea Scrolls of Qumran and the codices found in a cave in clay jars near Nag Hammadi represent the early teachings of perhaps the first Christians, known as gnostics. These texts tell us they were written by the disciples of Jesus after the resurrection. Jesus appeared to them and gave them instructions and directions on how to travel in the afterlife. They are considered to be the secret lost teachings of Jesus, revealing long suppressed knowledge that has suffered no intervening interference by religious or government authorities.

The gnostics believed that we each have within us a divine spark that manifested our physical body for exploration in this physical realm; that our divine spark became trapped here and the only way of escape is by attaining enlightenment through knowledge, gnosis. These earliest beliefs of Christianity were written between 250 and 400 AD before Christianity as we know it was codified. The difference is that gnosticism is the teachings of the living Jesus in his celestial flesh after his resurrection. The New Testament focuses on the words of Jesus while he was living in the flesh. As such, gnostic teachings are a real threat to Christians that follow the New Testament. This is why followers of the gnostic tradition have been attacked and obliterated by traditional and orthodox Christians.

Religious factions have fought gnostic acceptance from the beginning. The idea that the sons of God came to Earth and had sexual relations with human women, thereby creating a race of half human/half gods is too incredible for most modern Christians or Jews to even contemplate. From the Book of Genesis (6:1-4): “The Nephilim were on the Earth in those days, and also afterwards, when the sons of God mated with the daughters of men and they bore children for them: these were the heroes of old, the men of renown.” While the Book of Genesis contains references to the fallen angels as ‘Nephilim’, the Dead Sea Scrolls contain the original sources for this information.

The Dead Sea Scrolls are books written by Jewish mystics who called themselves the Essenes. The gnostics are really the children of the Essenes who themselves were inspired by the gnosis of Buddhist monks who would assemble at the great library of Alexandria. The Essenes were individuals who claimed they were living with angels and received teachings about human transformation into celestial beings. They are entirely gnostic in nature, interested in self-realization and the transformation of the body into a celestial or light body form. The Essenes believed that the original Adam and Eve had light bodies; as punishment by the Archons they were put into bodies of flesh. The Essenes have always sought to return to their perfect original light bodies.

When we read the Dead Sea Scrolls it becomes apparent that these Jewish mystics were having close encounters of the first, second, third, and fourth kind. They said they were seeing angels and flying craft in the sky, and were seeing portals opening in the sky through which the craft came and went. But they also had close encounters of the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth kind. An encounter of the eighth kind is when a human is transformed into a celestial light-body being. The Essenes told of being taken (abducted) and transformed into angels, who themselves were likely ETs. The Dead Sea Scrolls may actually be the first instance of disclosure.

When John the Baptist, who was an Essene, baptized Jesus he transferred to him the Holy Spirit, which is the Christos. After his baptism Jesus was referred to as the Christos, or anointed one, because he received this light force or vibration. Christos was deemed to be a light force that is transmittable to each of us, however. 
The Dead Sea Scrolls reveal many parallels between the teachings of Jesus and the Essenes. The Essenes were led by a “Teacher of Righteousness” who taught by personal example and led an ascetic life that eschewed collaboration with the secular world of the Romans or their Jewish collaborators, the Pharisees. Jesus' mother, father, and aunt were likely part of the Essene community, so while Jesus may not have been an active member of the Essene community, he was deeply familiar with and was likely exposed to their teachings and extraterrestrial influence. 
The Dead Sea Scrolls make all sorts of references to extraterrestrials, portals and off-world cities, how ETs were actually living among the Essenes and teaching them. When you study the Dead Sea Scrolls all of a sudden Christianity begins to sound like its origins are that of an alien religion or a religion that was brought to earth and promoted by ETs. This represents a direct threat to any powers that be and explains why the knowledge from the Dead Sea Scrolls was covered up for most of four decades even following their discovery. Suggesting that the Christian religion may have had an extraterrestrial origin was very threatening to the Romans at the time they were written, just as this idea continues to be threatening to orthodox Christianity and governments today.

Gnosticism advocates that anyone can have a direct personal relationship with the risen Christ. If you can have that, why would you need a pope? A priest? Orthodox Christianity and western culture celebrates the intellect while gnostics celebrate a return to the heart. The church talks about the past Jesus. Gnosticism talks about going into the future, moving forward toward a higher expression. Today we are witnessing a renaissance of gnosticism at the same time orthodox religions are crumbling. The public is beginning to open up to the real secret teachings of Jesus and a connection to infinite awareness.

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