Sunday, January 14, 2018

Future Now

To know the future we need only explore the frontier where science fiction becomes scientific fact. For as Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Follow the minds that dwell on the very edge of the human imagination and discovery and you will find abundant signs that point to our emerging future. On the frontier of material science and biology we are very nearly able to make anything we want from the raw materials that surround us every day. The alchemist's dream is becoming reality. We may no longer need to mine for gold or drill into the earth for oil and gas. Atoms are atoms and can be arranged in endless ways to create the substances we want and need. We no longer need sperm and eggs to produce a living being. We are becoming masters of our own destiny, right before your eyes.

Already we have the ability to 3D print any organ in your body that you need. Need a new liver? No problem. A heart? No problem. Generated from your own DNA, using your own cells from the tissue of the dead or broken organ, or even from another part of your body. Encoded in the DNA of every cell of the body are instructions for making every part of the body. DNA is holographic.

When a strand of DNA is opened, the specific instructions for your heart are identified by a computer which directs a new heart to be grown in a huge vat of biological broth consisting of all the amino acids and other elements that form the basis of life. The computer is programed to know when and where to add more collagen, osteocytes, and osteoclasts. If there is a glitch in the program the computer automatically introduces what is needed to fix it. The result is a younger, healthy heart, or any other organ, grown quickly, ready for transplanting. We can now literally regrow ourselves from one cell.

It is believed that neurological tissue cannot be regenerated, however, technological advancements have been made to regrow the entire nervous system with a stimulative device that is implanted in the spinal cord. Even in a sort of Medieval way, by harvesting stem cells from fat and bone marrow we have been able to accomplish amazing achievements with quadriplegics and people who have suffered egregious spinal injuries. Our understanding has advanced to the point that we can grow any cell, even nerve cells. There is not a cell that cannot be regrow.

Not only could an arm or a leg be regrown as a salamander regenerates its tail, but as long as viable DNA is available the technology is there right now to rebuild your entire body from scratch. Encoded within DNA are also all the experiences of consciousness that you've ever had, stored within like on a hard drive. As with the selective differentiation of your own DNA, your own memories can be selected for specific reprogramming into the new model of you. It is the ultimate clone. Sounds incredible, but it is the future now.

These advancements have only recently come to fruition. Implementation on a wide scale basis will come in time, but not until certain political and corporate interests have been sequestered from their influence upon managing medical progress. Understand that there is still a powerful faction deeply embedded in the world that profits considerably by making sure we continue to believe and follow the current healing/pharmaceutical paradigm. It is not to their financial benefit or power agenda to see people live longer and healthier lives. Many of the key players in this syndicate, however, are taking advantage of these advances to guarantee their own health and continuity, including one former President. As long as this Deep State faction of world elites hold sway, the benefits of such scientific advancements will be withheld from the general public. It waits for us all in the near future, however.

It is an amazing time to be alive in the world and be witness to the unfolding singularity of taking control of our own evolution as a species. Stick around and you may be the beneficiary of these advances and even more to follow in a world coming to you very soon.

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