Tuesday, January 16, 2018

I Human / I Robot

Artificial Intelligence technology is beginning to write its own algorithms that humans do not understand. Before it gets very far we should be asking: Don't we humans have the right to have the machine explain to us exactly what it means by a solution or conclusion? Never before have we had managing systems that make decisions for us that we do not understand. This capability is accelerating and will never be stopped. Expansion of AI is being funded by both the most powerful corporate interests in the world and the military of many nations. We may already be in real danger of being controlled by machines that can outwit us at best or harm us if they choose to.

Military interests are focused on creating weaponized AI. Military research and funding will never be curtailed for fear one's enemies may achieve an AI advantage first. If the military is developing AI, it is a guarantee that some teenage hacker somewhere in the world is also working on the same thing for his or her own personal use. If this is a nefarious individual it is very possible that he or she could bring down the entire world military establishment from a home computing device. Since it is an arena of development with essentially no oversight, we've entered a new kind of wild, wild west, wrought with unknowns and dangers we cannot even imagine.

The real danger may be in how rapidly we have already turned over control to machines and technology that we don't know anything about. Perhaps of greater concern, however, is what is being referred to as the militarization of the human spirit. A lot of the technology that comes through Silicon Valley aimed at consumer applications has ultimately come from the military. It is all about control - controlling the capabilities of everyday people. There has always been a directed effort to suppress the spiritual capability of humans. For centuries the powers that be have not wanted us to access the deep reservoir of abilities that we each have. Through Silicon Valley that attempt at suppression may now reach a greater height than ever before. Our technology is moving toward brain implants and insertion of nanotechnology into the body that would enable AI to keep people within a very narrow range of frequency, whatever it chooses for you. If you start to wander outside these frequency parameters, the AI is going to have a real problem with you.

This is only the latest method of control of the minions by the powers that be, like that of genetically modified food in the last twenty years. By introducing smart technology into our bodies we will in effect be putting ourselves in a prison cell with the limits defined by the AI. Computer technology that we have been exposed to up until now has engendered within us a certain familiarity and trust in AI without it being too invasive. Increasingly we are going to be encouraged to unite our brains and bodies with smart technology – to heal or enhance our intelligence. There is great danger in the coming days for those who allow the powers to be to “break the skin barrier”. As long as you do not allow an implant or the introduction of nanotechnology into your system you can maintain physical autonomy. Once you cross that line there is no going back - you will henceforth be a biological robot.

In the days ahead there is going to be an existential battle between choosing to change our evolution with smart technology or allow it to continue along the organic path that has successfully gotten us to this point as a species. There will be considerable pressure to make a choice to progress as individuals and as a species. Do we yield to technology without knowing where it is taking us, or do we draw a line over which we decide technology cannot cross, to preserve our human identity and spiritual values. The political battle lines are already clearly delineated. Should we accept blind trust in technological progress without limits or should we conserve our humanity by placing limits upon the progress of our technology?

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