Thursday, January 25, 2018

Surprising God

Be Fruitful and Multiply. The direction of the evolution of the world is in making as many new, complicated, self-organizing structures as possible; increasing the number of possibilities in the universe is why we are here. We have a moral obligation with our entry into the world to create as much as we can. That may be the role of technology, as well, in the long term – to increase the variety, diversity, options, and possibilities in an expanding universe of creative expression. As human beings, perhaps we each are encouraged by this universal dictum to surprise God with something entirely new that springs from our own inventive creativity - now, tomorrow, at every moment.

The gifts that surround and surprise us at every moment are from the generous loving Source of our being. Ours is to be fruitful and multiply these gifts in a show of our gratitude and love in return. The overriding human purpose for being here may ultimately be nothing less than to continually generate surprises in life.

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