Wednesday, January 17, 2018

the God of AI

As artificial intelligence and smart technology advance we may increasingly be at risk as a human species of losing our spiritual values. What people don't realize with AI is that we may be disabling ourselves. The researchers that are bringing AI to the world have FAITH that it will be good for us. They HOPE that AI will be able to explain to us how it operates and why it makes decisions at its most super-intelligent level, and they TRUST that AI will benefit humanity in the end. AI has become a sort of religion. Too many people are increasingly assuming this kind of relationship with technology, with a future predicted to have even more fervent followers of the god of AI.

We are coming into a time where we are redefining what it means to be human. We already have the ability to rebuild every single organ of the body artificially and control it remotely. As implants and nanotechnology cross the skin barrier and deliver us into a expanded bionic age, where we increasingly become hybrids with machines, we may never be able to turn back.

The catch phrase in New Age circles and among technologists is becoming one and the same - we are really all One and should act as One. The way the technologists want to accomplish tist is by putting an implant in our brains that dramatically alters consciousness and brain capacity. Scientists tell us that our bodies cannot go into space as they are. If we are to inherit the heavens we are going to have to change our form in some manner. The choices are few:  we become machine hybrids or we do what the ancients did – transform our bodies into light bodies in preparation for ascension. Hidden within us is this tremendous reservoir of deep spiritual power that can transform our physical bodies into spiritual light bodies that can transcend space and time across the universe and then reform into flesh and blood on the other end. Bodhisattvas aim to develop the skills to transform their earthly bodily form into their celestial bodies rather than using technology that transform us into machines.

Recent times are the first in modern history where humans are choosing to augment their bodies with technology such as retinal implants, cochlear implants, and a variety of artificial organs. We can increasingly pick and choose how we want to change our bodies for health or cosmetic reasons. At the same time there are millions of people around the world practicing spiritual exercises to optimize our spiritual experience and move toward ascension. Maybe there is a way that these two approaches can converge. Maybe artificial intelligence and enhancing our bodies with technology can amplify our spiritual powers! Maybe we are missing a valuable conversation here.

Technologists in Silicon Valley and Beijing and elsewhere are talking about AI ruling over us; if we're going to allow this to happen, then somewhere along the way these robot rulers are going to have to learn how to exercise love and compassion. Can we do this? Right now there is a huge rift in approaches between expanding Artificial Intelligence and enhancing human spiritual values through Ascension Intelligence. Both sides are aimed at making humans more whole and complete and perfect, more one with one another, living together in a more unified, perfect complete world.

The technologists say that God baked the cake, now we get to put the icing on it. They hope to do that by merging four technologies: Bits, Atoms, Neurons, and Genes. They want to take our computing technology, nanotechnology, neuro-science, and genetic science, and merge them into one seamless technology aimed at improving the human body. But they are leaving out perhaps the most important fifth element - that of spirit. Can the human spirit be merged with the perfect upgraded trans-human to make a more complete and whole fulfilled human being? Given that historically these same powers that be that are pushing a technological future have done everything in their power to suppress spiritual progress, such a merger may not fit their larger agenda.

Take a look at the United Nations' agenda today. The UN is completely invested in the progress of AI. What is their agenda? It is called the UN2030 Agenda and seeks a world with no borders, no genders, and no races; you will simply refer to your identity as that of an Earthling. The only way they can make this happen is with the globalization of technology. They see AI as the way forward for humanity. But what about uniting the human race around its deep spiritual capabilities? Why not reach across all religious differences and unite humanity around its deep spiritual capabilities? Not interest there.  Government powers around the world are investing in a tech future devoid of any effort to enhance any of our spiritual powers to better meet the future.

Are we “summoning the demon” with technology, as SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk warns? Can we keep the demon in the box rather than allow it runaway control over humanity, while utilizing it and learning to communicate with it for positive ends? Before we plunge headlong into an inevitable period of trans-humanism there needs to be broad public dialogue and understanding of where this technology is taking us.

AI is already controlling a large part of human activity. The question is, can we live in accord with a fully sentient AI entity, or is that a pipe dream? More importantly, can AI live with us? Or will AI find that we interfere with its prime directives and decide to eliminate us, perhaps sooner than later??? Before these machines drive us to extinction because they ironically deem us the greatest threat to our own extinction, they are going to have to be upgraded to be more human, more compassionate, more loving. Can we teach machines to love us and be our ally? If we cannot, it may all come down to a choice between the machine and the human spirit.

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