Saturday, January 13, 2018

the Return of our Star Brothers

The ancient Babylonians and Sumerians wrote of strange beings coming down from the sky. The Mayans and Egyptians wrote stories about advanced visitors from the stars. It is an age-old tale that is no different when told today. With all the modern sightings and proliferation of stories there is no reason for disbelief. The preponderance of evidence is overwhelming. The evidence is unequivocal, a truth a reasonable person cannot deny. UFO's are here, they are here every day and they are watching. We know they have been coming here for thousands of years. Perhaps they are here to answer our greatest questions. Perhaps they are waiting for something. Perhaps they are here to protect or save us. We don't know why they are here, but the answer to that may be more important than even believing that they are here.

Perhaps the answer lies within the increasing frequency of their visitations. UFO formations present a very consistent message if interpreted as being coded in the universal language of the star constellations. Each home video of a UFO sighting can actually be interpreted as a conversation of sorts. Close examination of UFO formations demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that they very often visually represent complex star patterns corresponding to known constellations. The most ubiquitous UFO sighting is the formation of three UFO's spaced and angled to represent the belt of the constellation Orion. Is this a greeting of some sort? Nearly everyone who looks skyward recognizes the belt of Orion. Are they telling us they are from Orion? Are they telling us that we originated from Orion? Is this an invitation to travel to Orion? Are they beckoning us to return from whence the human species was born? Are they answering the fundamental questions asked by nearly every human at some point in life: Where do we come from? Why are we here?

It seems naive that we still send radio waves into space in Search of Extra-Terrestrial intelligence (SETI). We have been going about communication attempts all wrong. Forty years ago we sent a phonographic record on the Voyager probe because we were sure other intelligent beings would know how to play it. How many alien civilizations would have a record player? How many of us do today? We have been throwing millions of dollars away on lost causes just like this. We have been looking into the far reaches of space for extraterrestrial life when all the time they are right here, reaching out and communicating with us for thousands of years.

They have been speaking to us in a very enlightened language of the stars, and we haven't been paying attention to crack the code. None of us knows exactly why they are here or what they want for sure, yet they are speaking to us every day. Perhaps they are telling us that star constellations are how you navigate the cosmos. It is how they cross the millions of light years of space to get here. And star constellations alone are then how they first communicate with any alien race like us.

A UFO formation representing a particular star constellation may be one way of letting us know where they came from. The different UFO formations may actually be intelligent contact. With their different formations they may be answering every single one of our questions. Their appearance may be providing us with undeniable proof as well as undeniable truth. The proof of their existence is not hard to accept. The truth they may be bringing us may be something we are entirely unprepared to receive. Perhaps we are approaching the precipice of the end of our time on the earth and they are here to guide us away. Maybe it is our time to leave the earth and return to the stars with our long lost brothers. Perhaps they are contacting us in such a flagrant manner and with such increasing frequency because they know we are running out of time. Are they actually here to help? Are they here to guide us to the next world? Will we get the message in time and welcome the help of our star brothers?

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