Monday, January 22, 2018

UFO Propulsion

It is no secret that humans have been reverse engineering alien flight technology since at least prior to World War II in Germany. Probably most of the typical UFO disc sightings in recent times are of craft designed right here on earth, piloted by military personnel of our own planet. They are identical to alien craft, but they are ours. Among people within the Military-Industrial Complex these craft are referred to as Alien Reproduction Vehicles or Fluxliners or ARVs for short. These are flat on the bottom with sloping sides of about 35 degrees, a small ledge between the propulsion and crew compartments, and then a dome. Multiple camera-like devices on gimbals on the dome can be moved around and pointed to offer a sort of a synthetic vision system, where two of the cameras can be slewed together in pairs to create a left eye and right eye view so that the pilot wearing a special helmet inside can have a completely three-dimensional view.

Inside the cockpit it is rather spartan, with no instrument panel, no gauges, no kind of telemetry. There may be two to four ejection-type seats with few features other than an inverted J-shaped post with a laser that can be reflected around to send impulses to different parts of the craft to self-control the yaw and pitch while in flight. These ARVs are able to accomplish traveling faster than the speed of light, superluminal speeds, using unique technology to create electrical power, drawing it right out of the vacuum of space-time, called scalar energy or zero-point energy.

Of course a lot of us remember that Einstein's original equations were quite clear in telling us that exceeding the speed of light was theoretically impossible. What he said was that as an object is accelerating through space-time, its mass begins to increase. But the thing that nobody talks about is that the reason the mass of a super-sonic vehicle increases is because the interaction that its atomic structure has with the zero-point energy in the environment causes the atoms to become even more energized.

If matter can't be created, can't be destroyed, and electrons never slow down and don't follow the second law of thermodynamics, which is entropy, you'd expect them to slow down over time, but they don't. The reason they don't is because they're constantly absorbing this zero-point energy and that's what keeps all the parts of the atom going all the time, forever. That's why it never disintegrates or falls apart.

So, if any object made of atoms goes through space-time and is accelerating faster and faster, it's absorbing more and more of this energy, and all the parts are spinning faster and faster like a gyroscope. And just like a gyroscope, once they get going really fast, it's hard to move them around. It's like it's developing its own gravity, in a way.

This is what Einstein said would slow things down and make it impossible to ever have enough energy to approach and exceed the speed of light, because you're mass literally begins to approach infinity as you get closer and closer to the speed of light. What off-world engineers figured out was that if you just used that energy for traditional flight it would certainly increase your mass as Einstein said, but if you used it as a propulsive energy source to power the flight system, it meant that the faster you go, the more energy you have to propel your craft even faster.

You don't have to carry a fuel supply, so you don't have to worry about the weight of the vehicle. The faster you go, the faster you're able to go. And that's how you actually break the light-speed barrier, because your mass never really becomes anything greater than what you started out with. But you have this tremendous, almost limitless amount of energy that you can draw from as a propulsive force.

This is probably why all the electrical components in the craft are embedded in pure quartz as an insulator, because we're talking about millions and millions of volts of electricity being generated all the time. That's also why when such a craft comes into our atmosphere, the ionization is so severe that it produces blinding X-ray photons that require a synthetic vision system on the dome just to see where they're going.

At the bottom of the ARVs is a massive capacitor array embedded in a heavily insulated perfect optically clear dialectrical quartz material, not open to the air. Perfect for space travel. The array is divided into 48 radially-oriented sections, like long, thin slices of pizza, each stacked with eight alternating positive and negative plates, with the positive plate being on the top of the stack, and the last negative plate being on the bottom to form the basis for the craft's propulsion system.

Because the thing is using zero-point energy as a power source, which happens within the central column of the vehicle, these ARVs are creating such a tremendous stored potential of energy on the entire array of capacitors as a whole that they actually begin to warp space-time itself. Sounds like a fictional fantasy out of Star Trek, but it's actually not. In 1994, Miguel Alcubierre wrote a paper on a metric engineering space drive for hyper fast travel within general relativity doing this very thing. He wrote that by controlling electromagnetic and electrostatic fields you could create a compression of space-time ahead of a vehicle, like what you'd find with a black hole, like a singularity. And then behind the vehicle, you would create an expansion of space-time.

This polarization process allows you to create what amounts to a system that is like surfing a wave, where you have a depression in front of you and a ridge behind you and you're basically sliding down the face of this warp in space-time. That's what creates the vector that allows you to move forward at break-neck velocities.

But the really interesting aspect to this whole concept is this principle of dynamically engineering local space-time around the vehicle, generating a bubble of space-time surrounding the vehicle, being created and influenced by the propulsion system inside the vehicle itself. When this thing begins to move through space-time, it moves uniformly – the vehicle, the crew, the components, everything that's in it – moves as a unit.

And as it moves as a unit it is influenced by the other things that the craft is doing to the space-time around it. So it's creating an expansion of space-time behind it and a compression of space-time ahead of it. But since the whole thing is moving uniformly, there's no sense of g-forces at all. None.

So when people talk about seeing an object moving through the sky at unimaginable speeds and making quick right-angle turns, they naturally say it's impossible. The pilot and occupants would be turned to mush. But if you're eliminating mass, then there's no inertia. And if you're talking about uniform acceleration of a metrically engineered space-time – the vehicle, its contents, and everything – the whole thing moves together so that there's no sense of g-forces at all, because there's no inertia inside this metrically engineered local space-time. That's what uniform acceleration is really all about and how UFOs make these impossible navigational changes at impossible speeds.

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