Monday, December 31, 2018

Dolphins as Avatars

Dolphins around the world seem always to have had a very tight symbiotic relationship with humans. They like to come around when humans are swimming in the ocean. There have been countless cases where drowning humans have been saved by dolphins continually bumping them to the surface. Even though we don't comprehend their language, they still talk and laugh and play with us.

There is a true story about a psychologist with a terminal condition who was advised to get more exercise by swimming. When he went into the water, dolphin after dolphin after dolphin surrounded him, rubbing and brushing against him, communicating in a way that he could sense. With continued exposure to his new friends he began learning things, independently knowing things. The dolphins "treated" him over a period of time as he kept getting better and better. Not only did he completely heal, but his neural capabilities seemed to sharpen and expand his senses, which he, in turn, attributed to a sort of telepathic gifting by the dolphins.

This same psychologist went on to create an entirely new psychology around this inter-species communication which he, in turn, used to train top generals in the Soviet military in the 1980's. After five days of such training these military leaders went to the Soviet Politburo and dictated that they were no longer going to wage war. As the story is told, this was the beginning of Gorbachev's Glasnost and Perestroika initiatives which culminated with the removal of the Berlin Wall.

If all of this is true, then one must look more deeply at the overall relationship between humans and dolphins on this planet. Are they perhaps advanced beings here to serve as allies and help guide us toward a more positive evolutionary development?

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