Sunday, December 30, 2018

Water Babies

Humans probably started as aquatic animals. If you look at the structure of the ears, nasal passages, and eyes, and the way our openings seal, it becomes obvious that at some point our species was at least partially aquatic. Looking at the first nine months after conception we all develop in a very comfortable bath of amniotic bliss, even while our lungs develop.

Russian scientists discovered that if a mother gives birth under water in a dimly-lit, warm saline environment and the newborn is naturally brought out of the water to the mother's breast, the resulting IQ's of these individuals was 20 to 40 points higher throughout their lives. When babies are born into bright light there seems to be major trauma to their young nervous systems which may take months if not years to recover from. Researchers discovered that infants kept in an aquatic environment during their first few months had accelerated organ development, especially the brain, leading them to hypothesize that such nurturing may, in fact, be optimal for humans. One entire community in Russia has practiced this, along with other contributing factors, for more than a generation with the result being that the average IQ is somewhere between high genius and super-high genius.  Fascinating to discover that there may, in fact, be a better way to bring our children into the world.

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