Wednesday, January 2, 2019

As Within, So Without

Nearly all of the developments in science have been the result of asking the right questions. When we observe the world with our senses it is not nature itself that we witness, but nature as interpreted by the kinds of questions we ask, filtered by our perceptions and judgment about the world. The questions we ask are entirely the result of our individual and collective way of thinking.

What we think about and how we perceive the world around us affects reality at a very deep and basic quantum level, thereby informing and modifying the underlying fabric out of which third-dimensional reality emerges. What we wonder about alters the way in which reality presents itself to us. We ourselves create the reality of human experience with the questions we ask and the procedures that we undertake to find the answers to them.

It would seem obvious to assume that when we ask questions of nature, of the world seemingly outside of ourselves, that there is, in fact, an actual physical reality that exists apart from whatever can be thought or said about it. But the universe is not apart from us; it is a continually emerging expression, everlastingly contingent upon how we think about it, and thereby perceive and judge it.

We need only change our thinking to ask the right questions to change the world. If you don't like the world about you, dig deep and change how you question it. Change the way you perceive the world by changing how you judge it to arrive at the questions that will create the world you desire. The universe that we perceive is always a matter of what questions we ask. How to ask the question and when it is asked always plays a material role in what answer we get.

What is the universe ultimately revealing to us? The answer is that WE are its ultimate creators. We must each take responsibility to create the world we want in our own minds first to change our internal perceptions and judgments so as to manifest our creative role in the world through the questions we ask.

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