Thursday, January 17, 2019

Bring It On

If the president declares a national emergency and ignores the lower court orders against him, the Democrats will have to choose to move impeachment in the confident hope that Mueller will bring in as unflattering a report as he can, promptly. Indeed, this may be the only way to bring his contemptible inquiry to an end in the next six years of the likely Trump incumbency.

Palsied and pompous and generally over-stuffed with undeserved deference though the constitutional American system is (and blustery and sometimes inelegant though the president sometimes is), this is the showdown the nation needs. Let the Democrats stop creeping around in the dark, feeding malicious falsehoods to the jackal media. Let the president address the illegal immigration issue squarely. Let those who would try to undo the electoral verdict of 2016 with spurious legal casuistry and media manipulation come out from the dark and try to make their case.

The president has broken no laws and has delivered on his promises; he will win, and then the many officials of the Clinton campaign and the Obama Justice Department who have lied under oath or misled officials should go before the grand jury, which in America today means conviction, and usually imprisonment. Let’s make this the climax that reforms criminal justice, ends the criminalization of politics, and pushes the nose of government on to the grindstone of dealing with the country’s problems.

The whole American system is perilously close to Oliver Cromwell’s address to Parliament: “You came here to address the nation’s grievances, and you are now its greatest grievance. In God’s name go!” Bring it on, Mr. President; you, and the country, will win.

From "A Bold Plan for a Trump Victory" by Conrad Black, January 14, 2019

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