Sunday, January 13, 2019

Ideological Subversion

Continuing from yesterday...the United States has lost the propaganda battle with the old Soviet Union through a patient but persistent implementation of ideological subversion. When it comes to spying and the intelligence game, the playing field is fairly level. The difference is that the KBG has put a lot more energy into propaganda than the American CIA. Only about 15% of time, resources, and manpower of the old KGB was spent on espionage; the other 85% was committed to a slow process that is referred to either as "ideological subversion" or "active measures", in the language of the KGB, or what we call "psychological warfare". There has been no complement to this within the American intelligence agencies against its enemies.

The objective of Soviet psychological warfare has been to change the American perception of reality to such an extent that no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in defense of themselves, their families, and their country, when faced with contrary, truthful information. It's a brainwashing process that takes a long time to unfold. This process is divided into four stages. The first is demoralization, which may take 15 to 20 years to accomplish; this is the amount of time needed to educate one generation of students in the country of the enemy. In our case this involved exposure to Marxist/Leninist ideology, beginning in the 1960's, along with other utopian ideas of equality and fairness for at least three generations of dumbing down, propaganda that has not been seriously challenged or countered by equal exposure to American founding ideals.

Many of the half-baked intellectuals of the 1960's are now occupying positions of power in government, civil service, media, business, and education. We're stuck with them, so to speak. We can't get rid of them. They have been contaminated, programmed to think in a specific pattern when presented with certain stimuli. Their minds cannot be changed even when exposed to authentic information and verifiable truths. Everything has become relative. They are stuck in a conditioned behavior. The process of demoralization is complete and irreversible. If we want to get rid of these people we need another 15 to 20 years to educate a new generation of patriotically-minded students with ideals consistent with the founding and success of this republic.

The demoralization stage has been complete in America for more than a couple generations now, far exceeding the wildest dreams of the KGB. Most of this has been accomplished by what Americans have done to Americans. The elite within our own country and throughout the world have taken over from the KGB to further subvert our psyches and way of life. With the progressive eroding of moral standards in our country, what is true no longer matters any more. People who are demoralized are unable to discern what is true from what is fake, even when presented with the most obvious, unquestionable truths. The tragedy is that those who have been subverted keep on believing even as their ideas collapse all around them.

The second stage is destabilization, a process that only takes two to five years to enact. Nothing matters anymore, not personal habits or personal behavior; nothing matters except the application of these entrenched subverted ideals into the economy, world politics, and national defense. The Obama administration made great inroads into destabilizing the United States in the first eight years of its 16-year plan, bringing the country to the brink of crisis and collapse.

The third stage of ideological subversion is forcing a major crisis to occur; this may take only a very short time. The Obama administration "never let a good crisis go to waste". Following in the Bush administration's footsteps, one small crises after another was tested as the country was being groomed for the big one that would bring it to its knees. We call these events "false flags". Crisis can take many forms and unfolds rapidly after there has been dramatic change of the power structure and a shift in the economy. Once the crisis has been weathered, a period of normalization is reached in which the success of the propagandizing is achieved; this may last indefinitely.

The United States has not reached a point of pivotal crisis as of yet, but we have come close with many false flags purposefully created to send this country spiraling downward. The current administration has subverted the subverters whose imminent goal was to have the US lose World War III under Hillary Clinton before yielding to reorganization along socialist guidelines. Those benevolent politicians who have promised equality and fairness along with their unachievable utopia are finally being called to accountability by patriots under charges of treason in front of military tribunals, a process which has only just begun this first week of 2019.

The United States is at war. It is not an ideological war. It is not about Capitalism versus Communism. It is no longer about the CIA versus the KGB. It is a war against an elite few who exercise unauthorized control over the many living under every ideology. It is a war to take back power from those that seek only to enhance their own lifestyles and worth at the expense of the rest. The enemy is what we refer to as the Deep State, the Cabal, the Bilderbergs, the Khazarians, et al. Counter-intuitively, our allies are the people's representatives in Russia, China, Brazil, Australia, et al, regardless of foundational ideology. The Deep State and its instruments are being routed and destroyed. Full disclosure of the truth is leaking out ever so gradually so as not to shock an unprepared public. While the battle wages, it is becoming increasingly evident that we may have weathered the worst of all scenarios, and that our momentum may very well carry us to a resounding victory, a normalization of common sense ideals throughout the world, along finally with a fulfillment of the basic human ideals we all seek and deserve to achieve.

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