Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Undumbing the Universe

The fuzzy line between science and mysticism blurs the closer we get to an understanding of the mechanics of the universe. Quoting from Seth in Jane Robert's Unknown Reality Volume II, pp 344-347, 660-661: “The universe of which I speak expands constantly in terms of intensity and quality and value, in a way that has nothing to do with your idea of space. The basic universe beneath all camouflage does not have an existence in space at all, as you envision it. Space is a camouflage.

“[T]he basic universe exists behind all camouflage universes…. The brain is [also] a camouflage pattern. It takes up space. It exists in time, but the mind takes up no space and does not have its basic existence in time.

“Your idea of space travel … is to journey over the ‘skin of your universe.’ You do not understand that your system is expanding within itself….

“When you journey on the earth, you move around the outside of it. So far, your ideas of space travel involve that kind of surface navigation…. When you think in terms of traveling to other planets or to other galaxies … the same kind of surface travel is involved … going around space rather than directly through it….

“Effective space travel, creative space travel on your part, will not occur until you learn that your space-time system is one focus. Otherwise you will seem to visit one dead world after another, blind to civilizations that may exist on any of them. Some of these difficulties could be overcome if you learned to understand the … multidimensionality of even your own physical structure, and allowed your consciousness some of its greater freedom….

“Nothing exists outside the psyche that does not exist within it, and there is no unknown world that does not have its psychological or psychic counterpart. Our space exploration is “simply flying like an insect around the outside of [a] television set, trying to light on the fruit, say, that is shown upon the screen—and wondering … why [we] cannot.

“[U]ntil you understand that, you will not … be able to thoroughly explore any planet—or any reality, including your own.

“Your own coordinates close you off from recognizing that there are indeed other intelligences alive even within your own solar system. You will never meet them in your exterior reality, however, for you are not focused in the time period of their existence. You may physically visit the ‘very same planet’ on which they reside, but to you the planet will appear barren, or not able to support life.

“In the same way, others can visit your planet with the same results…. Some intelligent beings have visited your planet, finding not the world you know but a probable one. There are always feedbacks between probable systems….

“If you understand … inner coordinates having to do with the inner behavior of electrons … then such travel could be relatively instantaneous. The coordinates that link you with others who are more or less of your kind have to do with psychic and psychological intersections that result in a like space-time framework….”

There is no interstellar possibility in internal-combustion engines and cold gas thrusters, in their action-reaction propulsion or gravity-well acceleration. That stuff simply sends you faster around a surface on which you will always be a bug confronting an ocean trillions of times vaster than Jovian and Neptunian ones.

As long as consciousness is implicated, there are stars inside and out, and inside-out, and there is no way to determine what we are actually looking at or is doing the looking. We are just as percipiently gazing into ten Sefirot, the Monadic realm from afar, the Ray of Creation, or a shimmering field of orgone. Starry night is not only a mirage but a perfect mirage: a phantasmagoria by its ephemeral nature, a spell because of its prolongation, an altar because of its capacity for transference.

Every theory of physics and mathematics, every topology and ontology, works, even as they contradict one another, because the universe is not only more complex than all of them put together but conducive to their cosmologies at the frequency of the thoughtform generating it. Of course, these cosmologies are coming out of the thoughtform too, so their reflection back is a similitude, the similitude to end all similitudes.

All of us — Neil deGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, The Dalai Lama, Donald Trump, the Pope, Boko Haram, Abu Musab al-Zarqai, Bill Gates, Lady Gaga, Malala Yousafzai—are matching the same picture. They are not just matching it; they are creating it, as is everyone else and every creature. The anonymous birds overhead share not only our DNA but our thoughtform, at their own frequency. Their frequency determines that they are birds rather than humans (or bees or whales) and that their picture is a bird one. But without bird pictures, the human picture would be incomplete. Without lizard and wasp pictures…. Yes, some animals become extinct, but the pictures continue to be sustained on Etheric and higher levels and by other animals, plants, and stones.

Solid objects—buildings, clouds, vehicles—are being collectively generated, by themselves as well because everything has an aspect of consciousness. Even gravity, heat, light, and thermonuclear fission and fusion are flowing out of collective intelligence. The reason that it doesn’t look like a thoughtform (or simulation) is because it is vibrating at our same frequency of materialization and because so many creatures and entities, living and dead, are generating it. Everyone is unconsciously projecting a world simultaneously out of the karma and physics of the world’s own manifestation: an entangling and durable mirage. That’s why it’s so hard to dissipate and get behind the curtain.

“The universe was not created in some dim past, but is newly recreated by our own thoughts, dreams, and desires—so that reality happens at all possible levels at once.” We are generating a consensus universe, vibrating to convert a collective latency from outside or inside it. Like fireflies in temporary unison, our pictures are creating reality. There is no exception. if you’re here, you’re matching pictures; that’s what allows you to be here. If you no longer match the pictures, then you’re already gone.

Consciousness is a thing, and the universe is a thing, and together they make up All That Is. But that’s an oversimplification because All That Is encompasses more than just consciousness and the universe.

Seth adds, “[T]his dimension [e.g., source realm] nurses your own world, reaching down into your system. These realities are still only those at the edge of the one in which you have your present existence. Far beyond are others, so alien to you that I could not explain them. Yet they are connected with your own life, and they find expression even within the smallest cells of your flesh.

“We do not understand the nature of the reality you are creating, even though the seeds were given to you by us. We respect it and revere it. Do not let the weak sounds of this voice confuse you. The strength behind it would form the world as you know it and sustain it for centuries.”

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