Thursday, February 28, 2019

Behind the Curtains

Who is it that runs the world? Who is it that makes the most important decisions that affect every one of us? Those who know point to the Fed and its network of Central Banks. The Federal Reserve is at the top of the international banking system, but it is neither federal nor is it a reserve; it is essentially a controlling criminal organization and always has been, solely representing the banks and the powerful people behind them. Economist Catherine Austin Fitts, publisher of the Solari Report, has pointed out that the Federal Reserve is currently bankrupt. Only recently has President Trump stopped the Fed from printing any more money, understanding that the United States is in an economic crisis, as a lead up to having our nation go to a gold-backed currency and away from federal reserve notes in an attempt to recover some of the 43 trillion dollars already documented to having been stolen from the U.S. Treasury by the banking system, with the complete collaboration of the Federal Reserve.

The Fed president can be fired without cause by the President at his pleasure; the President can also appoint additional Fed board members so that he ends up having a supportive majority in all decision-making. The President is essentially in control, without question, and the Fed knows it.

The entire system is rigged; not just the banking system, but obviously our political system, our social system, our educational system and even our religious system. We have been purposefully lied to at every turn. Collectively, it is the Deep State behind all the misdirection. For all of our lives they have been in control. The banks are at the top, then the corporations, then the politicians that are bought. Nearly every congressional representative is on the take, with the standard kick-back being 5% of any earmark. The key to roiling an international system that essentially has been mob-ruled is control of the banks at the top. At the top of the Central Banking system is the Fed, and now Trump has all but nationalized the Fed. Like it or not, the Deep State is no longer in charge. In case you are still stumbling along the yellow brick road wondering who is really pulling the strings these days, it is the one they call idiot who is out of his league, ten moves ahead of the Deep State and media, pulling the strings and dazzling us with his genius behind the curtains, preparing to put them all in check mate... very, very soon!

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