Saturday, February 9, 2019

Death Knell of the Democratic Party

It is very fascinating to watch the Democrat Party self-destruct. Daily the mainstream media portrays the Democrat Party as dominating the political landscape, but these, in reality, may be the final days of a major political party that has morphed into a real enemy of the American people.

The fact that Donald J. Trump is controlling the narrative and winning with his agenda at every turn is driving Democrats crazy. It used to be that Democrats hid their real agenda from the American public, but the Democratic leadership is no longer masking who they are. They’re just out front with it. And the main reason for this is the madness of its frontal assault of Donald J.Trump. In the political spectrum of things, Trump owns the Right, obviously, but I think he also has made great inroads into carving out a dominate position in the center, with growing support among independents..

As proof of the imminent demise of the Democratic Party, we just had a perfectly reasonable Leftist billionaire named Howard Schultz in the limelight who thought when he announced his intention to run for the Presidency in 2020 that he was going to appeal to a broad swath of Democrat voters as well as many disenchanted members of the lectorate in the center and on the Right. To see this quite liberal Leftist shot down in the most embarrassing manner by the mass media and the leadership of the Democrat Party is telling. Despite planning his presidential announcement for some time, he has no idea what has become of the Democrat Party - no idea how radically insanely liberal it has become. Schultz has been totally shell-shocked by the response of the vitriolic demands from people in his own party to quit.

On the flip side, CNN could barely contain itself that Cory Booker had announced his intention to enter the presidential fray. How could Cory Booker, who has nothing but a resume of embarrassments and failure with what he did to Newark, New Jersey, think that he has anything to offer on the national stage? Same thing with the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and some of these other decrepit leftist cities whose former mayors now want to enter the fray.

In addition to that, you have Michael Moore, Fauxcahontas, Kamala Harris, Crazy Bernie and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, all coming out today in a massive assault on success and achievement disguised as an attack on the rich for not paying their fair shares in taxes. Their notions get crazier and more far removed the further left they lean. We are getting a recycling of a decrepit and age-old message from the Democrat Party, from the uber-liberals, many of them young, upstart Millennials who don’t know any better because they haven’t lived long enough to be widely experienced in life or politics, but they think they know more than anybody else.

It’s the same old class warfare bit that really has never succeeded for the Democrats. But they either forget or don’t know that. It’s like when you tell them socialism has never worked anywhere in the world they continue to say, “Well, that’s because the right people haven’t tried it yet.” If you tell them that liberalism has never worked anywhere, “Well, that’s because we haven’t really allocated sufficient resources for it.” And you couple this with what the Democrat Party is making known about their position on abortion and because Trump has co-opted a large swath of the American political center, he’s driving every Democrat who wants to unseat him so far to the left, they are nowhere near where the mainstream of the Democrat Party is. The death knell is getting louder every day.

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