Monday, February 25, 2019

Etheric Field Interactions

All physical matter has a vibratory effect on everything in its surroundings. Looking at matter as atomic particles or sub-atomic particles, we could say that all matter is in constant motion and that vibration can be measured. A unique signature is created by every bit of matter by its unique energy field. We generally believe that if you want to interact with anything you need to be in close proximity, but quantum entanglement demonstrates that distance is irrelevant. We may create a vibratory affinity with plants, animals or other people with our atomic field, literally, by vibrating in sympathy with them, or by vibrating in a reciprocal manner to or in response to their vibrations.

Science is enamored with physical reality. The conundrum is that as our scientists have looked at smaller and smaller parts of the atomic nature of matter, they have reached a point where they have literally run out of matter. Beyond matter, we run into fields, or what the Chinese call "woo woo".

Quantum mechanics says that all matter is composed of particles and waves and that all matter is influenced by observation. Quantum mechanics does not go far enough in its exploration of the power of observation, however. As observers, we have a remarkable range of effect on the fields around us. Just looking at someone creates a field interaction with them. We become entangled, even without words. Some people are more gifted this way, more sensitive than others in this capability. When you write to someone or talk to someone there is field communication going on. Information is being shared whether you recognize it or not.

Humans have an etheric field that extends about two to three inches away from the physical body. Some people can see this as an aura and it can also be measured as an electromagnetic field. There is a lot more to it, however; the human energy field in its entirety extends out about 55 feet from the body in all directions. The etheric field is just the first layer. When a child is born, it has an extremely large etheric field. A happy person, a joyful person, has an etheric field that is generally larger than an unhappy person. When you are sick or unhappy, the etheric field can completely disappear, leaving you with much less ability to function at your optimal level. There are a lot of techniques that you can develop or increase the information density of the etheric field and use it to your benefit in daily life, like yoga and the martial arts.

We are effected daily by negative influences that impact not only our etheric field, but our genetic structure. Depletion of the energy field increases one's sensitivity and the malleability of the atomic structure of one's own physical cells. Science has only recently begun to play with this. Field research got kicked to the curb almost a century ago with the perversion of Maxwell's equations and it has not been an area of considerable scientific inquiry since.

Being happy is the greatest way to increase the etheric field, but there are other ways to accomplish this as well. All forms of movement increase the flow of energy to the body. Emotions decrease the flow of energy to the body. A useful Native American teaching is to always listen to ourselves, listen to what we say, and always take a close look at ourselves. The more aware you are of what you say and how you present yourself to others in either a positive or a negative manner makes a huge impact. We were born to move. We are creations of motion. So we need to find ourselves in motion regularly - gymnastics, ballet, martial arts, running, tai chi - always in a smooth movement, representing an integration of the mind, body, and the brain.

In every moment we project consciousness. Language is a but a thought form. Words do hurt. Words do help. We can energize a thought in our mind and can send it on so that we are in a level of communication beyond just speaking. We are always field interactive. People who are together for a long period of time become homogeneous in their field interactions; they understand each other. You get better at it through practice. There are many ways to do this. Pick a discipline that feels best for you.

Words can build up another, but they can also tear down. Words can be weaponized. Cursing can harm someone. When you speak to a person you are not just transferring information, you are transferring an emotion outside the human intellect. When you talk normally, the exchange is free flowing. When you add emotion you all of a sudden ramp it up. Emotion acts like a spell; you try to influence a person with your thoughts, to get a reaction. If you put negative energy or words into it, say you start yelling and cursing, you are literally putting a curse on that person. If she has a normal or weakened energy field, she will be susceptible to a negative immediate impact. You can weaken a person so much that the next available pathogen that comes along - cold or flu bug - they will get sick. They may say they don't know how they got a cold, but it may simply be the result of perhaps an argument they had with their spouse or child or boss which weakened their etheric field.

We each need to clear out our emotions and be at peace or centered before we interact with others. Negative energy transfers, even if we don't intend it to do so. We need to reset first or center ourselves all the time, like is done in martial arts.

The environment around us affects our etheric field. In nature, away from the influences of modern civilization, we mainly have galactic or cosmic energy and we have solar energy impacting us. When living in the modern world, any wire around us creates an impactive electromagnetic field. The field can be much larger than the actual voltage running through the wire. Because of the proliferation of all our electrical conveniences, cell and television towers, radio, and satellite broadcasting, the electromagnetic spectrum has become highly populated. The human etheric field interacts with all of them, but has no defense against them. We are impacted by them but have no knowledge as to where it may lead or what the long-term evolutionary outcome of these kind of interactions may be. There is far more information or data bombarding us in the modern era than ever before, and we don't really know how it may be affecting us.

The greater the etheric life force you have built up, the more likely you will be able to handle outside negative influences. Don't worry, be happy! The more optimized your etheric field the more interactive you then become with the entire universal field. You become more knowingly intuitive, you sense who to talk with or what book to buy, or what new teacher or influence to follow. A person with a healthy mineral balance is going to be better prepared to interact with the world at large.

It is everybody's job to seek out that which is beneficial to them. Keeping your etheric field healthy is a matter of personal responsibility and attention. Open yourself to learning whatever it takes. Create some space in your daily life to explore the interactions you have with the world. If you have no available space, it may be time to cut out some of the influences that may be taking up that space and only feeding you disinformation about the world.

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