Sunday, February 24, 2019

Frosty Crystals

Ice crystal's beauty,
In a forgotten passage;
The roughness of infinity,
In a fiery afterimage.
The mystic of the dark,
Flowing with the mist;
Drifting light and spark,
Twilight's evening twist.

Ice and fire contrast,
The boundary of each;
Showing deep its cast,
Something to overreach.
Playful in the moonlight,
Expressing the flashes;
Inner structure anthracite,
Wall to wall airspaces.

Ice water reflection,
Within indecisive walls;
The underlying connection,
From within giants halls.
Mystic of polymorphous,
Sculptures of phantoms;
The beauty and fragileness,
Of metaphor inside atoms.

photo Karen Beeman / poem Peter S. Quinn

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