Friday, February 22, 2019

Sneaking Around the Universe in my Dreams

Why do we have dreams? Is there an alternate reality or a parallel universe that we visit in our dreams? Are our dreams a way of getting a glimpse of that world? Some believe that the decisions of our lives and things that we want to have happen first manifest in dreams. Some people dream of visiting unknown or exotic places while others have dreams that are much more strange or vague.

From ancient times, the Romans and Greeks believed that the Gods would give messages to humans through their dreams. Native Americans believed that dreams take us on a trip to a different world. In ancient China, dreams were treated as a way through which one could visit the world of the dead. In ancient Egypt it was assumed that only people with special powers could decipher the meaning of a dream. Today it is believed by many that dreams are nothing but an expression of our hidden feelings, thoughts, and events that we relive in our sleep.

From time immemorial we have believed that there is a mystical place where spirits and ghosts exist. While science does not associate itself with such superstition, it cannot deny its existence either. What science has discovered is that it mysteriously cannot account for the substance of the entire universe. Matter exists that it cannot account for. Ours may be but one of an infinite number of "parallel" universes, each with its own reality and outcomes, consisting of unique particles of matter.

Is there a parallel universe where Napoleon actually won the battle of Waterloo? Did the British Empire succeed in holding onto the American colony in a different time and place? Such scenarios may actually have played out in a parallel world of a different universe as explained by the multiverse theory - a theory certainly, without definitive proof, but one that is hotly debated these days and explored by physicists around the world.

Today the meeting of metaphysics and physics may be more clearly defined by testable theory and is far more than some unobservable hypothesis. Nowadays, physicists spend considerable time attempting to understand such abstract concepts as invisible electromagnetic fields, the slowing of time at high speeds, curved space, black holes, and quantum theory. MIT Professor Max Tegmark says that this list of current interest includes the multiverse.

Dr, Michio Kaku has explained that the primary snag of modern theory is where the laws of physics break down at the moment of the Big Bang. There is a missing explanation that goes beyond the known law of physics. There is a possibility that in a parallel universe there may be someone exactly like you. In every regard that alternative person may be leading the same life as you; yet there will likely be subtle differences between you and your copy. Your timelines are not identical, but similar, as each of "you" live in a unique alternate world. And there very likely is more than just one copy of you, more than just one alternative and one parallel universe.

You may have dreamed of visiting a place where you have never been. Perhaps many times. It seemed so real, perhaps because your dream is giving you a glimpse of the experience that your alternate you is having in a parallel universe. Even when you see the future it may be that you are actually viewing an alternate world where you exist.

It might be a possibility that the special dreams that we have are a sneak peek into another or many other parallel universes that we are only aware of in dreams. All pure speculation, of course, but modern physics, at least, does concede to the possibility of real parallel universes. The secrets of our dreams and other parallel universes may be unraveled in time. According to Professor Tegmark, evolution has generously given us a strange power of intuition that may soon lead us and our sciences to a more comfortable understanding of where we go in our dreams and how it all fits together.

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