Friday, March 29, 2019

3rd Planet 'Blues'

Slaves work. Royals ride. Traitors lurk. Children hide.
Doctors don’t. Lawyers feed. Bankers tax. People bleed.
Teachers can't. Churches take. Preachers prey. Vultures wait.
Evil festered. Good buried. Coup hidden. Cults married.
Police force. Players play. Experts aren’t. Peasants pay.
Trillions stole. Ghouls cheat. Lives sold. Crimes repeat.
Student loan. Student slave. Banker owned. Debt to grave.
Models stuffed. Clowns drown. Children cuffed. Bodies found.

Heads turned 'not to see' kids in cages. Agony.
Kids stolen, congress saw, two-year-life-spans, swallowed raw.
Video, too sick to see. 'Need to know' epiphany.

Minors forced. Trials fixed. Lies endorsed. Parents tricked.
Crowds shot. Shooters drugged. Black ops. Truth mugged.
Kids murdered. Witness killed. Victims tried. Parents billed.

Babies ripped. Mothers lost. Souls gripped. Cosmic cost.
Baby's born. Baby smiles. Baby's killed. Parts piled.

Voters duped. Stooges picked. Ballots rigged. Public tricked.
Pensions stole. Unions hacked. Owners sold. Workers sacked.
Labor conned. Jobs shipped. Wages gone. Country stripped.

Micheal murdered. Seth shot. Justice slaughtered. Law's not.

Fighters quit. Exits stalled. Two hit. Three fall.

Freedom Coming. Peace Beginning. Justice Rising. POTUS Winning!

credit: think500

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