Sunday, March 3, 2019

Flipping the System

We are going through nothing less than a cultural revolution in the United States. President Trump is flipping the entire system from what it has been in grabbing control away from the mob-run banking syndicate. We've reached a point where the majority of people realize there has been absolutely no trickle down effect whatsoever from existing monetary policies instituted by the central banking system. Wealth has risen for the wealthy at the expense of the shrinking middle class, and it has been planned that way from the beginning.

Nothing happens without a plan. The banking bailout of 2008 is one example of an event that was contrived by and for the benefit of the banks with the collaboration of the administration and treasury department. What should have been done is to have allowed the banks to fail.

The Great Depression was also contrived by the bankers with the collaboration of FDR and complicity by both political parties, with three overriding objectives - to destroy the middle class which was rising in power and demanding a greater say in the political process; to buy up America at depression level prices, consolidating wealth even further; and third, to capture control the federal government once and for all. The banking system knows it can get away with such maneuvers because it has been successful in the past.

Fast forward to today. Had Hillary Clinton been elected we would now be realizing a repeat of these destructive cycles of the past. President Trump has grabbed the reins of the Fed and is very soon likely to release one to three TRILLION dollars into the economy in a bottom-up fashion such that it will be the greatest transfer of wealth in American history, completely opposite to the faux top-down stimulus of the previous administration. What this will in effect do is destroy the balance of power in the country by destroying the two-party tyranny that has stifled our progress as a nation. With such an infusion, all of the people that have been shut out of the political process are very likely going to finally come to realize that Trump is leading massive change for the good of all in this country. If election reform accompanies this, then we are going to see our way of government as well as our country transformed almost overnight, supplanting all the ugliness that has been imposed on us our entire lives.

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