Saturday, March 9, 2019

the Democratic Party Mantra

In a Capitalist society every person is free to seek to make as much money as he or she may want, without limit, as long as the means are legal. For those that become millionaires and billionaires through their own efforts, some want to take back much of their wealth for the benefit of those that have not been as successful. It seems that some believe that if you are wealthy it can only be because you engaged in something nefarious and took advantage of others along the way. For these folks the world is a zero sum game; if you are rich, it is because you are immoral and took advantage of the poor. These folks follow a more Socialist doctrine where fairness and equality are the highest social ideals.

But life is not fair, and we are not born equal. In a Capitalist world every person has an equal chance and as fair a shot at success and wealth as the next person. In a Socialist world, freedom and choice are removed by a central authority that manages equality and fairness in society.

By and large people that are poor are not the result of being taken advantage of by rich people. Anyone that promotes that idea is instigating class warfare that is not grounded in facts. Take a quick look at just four companies whose founders have a billion dollars and more… Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Google. Let’s see what these immoral folks have done on the backs of the poor. They have revolutionized shopping, communication, information retrieval, among other advancements that have benefited the entire human condition of both rich and poor. These few immoral visionaries have created companies that employ nearly one million workers whom they pay approximately $100 billion a year in salary with many more billions in benefits.

It is not the successful innovators of a Capitalist society that are immoral, it is those who stir class unrest by abandoning responsibility for one's actions and championing the cause of victimization for the less successful. This has become the battle cry and mantra of the Democratic Party as it seeks to build a broad coalition of victims that it itself has created to fill its ranks - the likes of women, ethnic and religious minorities, LGBTQs, welfare recipients, immigrants, senior citizens, government workers, and college students.

This is the left. If you used your food stamps to buy bags of Cheetos, cases of Pepsi and are morbidly obese … it's not your fault. You are a victim of pernicious food companies. Add to that, you are likely a victim of homophobia, Islamophobia, misogyny, racism, white privilege and of course, Trump and the Republican Party. No matter what your problem in life may be, it is not your fault, you are not responsible because you are a victim.  This is the Democrat Party mantra.

Just when the Democrats were running out of their list of victims, along comes New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to save the day. Evidently the state has a $2.3 billion revenue shortfall. Apparently the state along with Massachusetts, Connecticut, and California are victims of the new tax law that limits deduction for state income taxes. The wealthy are leaving these states in droves for low or non-tax states like Florida, Texas, and Nevada. The golden geese are tired of being fleeced and they are outta there. Does Cuomo blame his own state for people fleeing outrageous taxes? Of course not, as that would require taking responsibility. That the rest of the country’s taxpayers have been subsidizing these progressive high tax states for years seems lost on Cuomo. As reported in the Wall Street Journal, the entire government of New York is a hapless victim of… you guessed it, of course, Donald J. Trump. “Surprise, Surprise.”

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