Friday, March 8, 2019

Who's Really Behind Facebook?

We live today in a world of advanced technology where billions of us use the Internet to communicate. If you walk down the street, go shopping at the mall, or just visit a restaurant or movie theater your face is recorded by more cameras than you might imagine, saved to some data base for some potential future use. Intelligence Agencies worldwide scan and flag any messages on any media containing key "buzz" words. We've become paranoid, and no wonder - we're never alone and seemingly always being observed. Welcome to George Orwell's era of Big Brother.

Facebook, with access to more than 87 million peoples' names, addresses, friends, activities, travels, details about them, even email and phone numbers, is connected to the CIA. What Intelligence organization would not want access to the data Facebook collects? Given the CIA's reputation for doing whatever it takes to get the information it needs, including torture, abuse, and abductions, you better believe it has access to all the data of the world's largest social media company.

Everything is interconnected and related in some way. After Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerburg at Harvard, it was jump-started by angel investor/venture capitalist Peter Theil, founder and former CEO of Paypal, who just happens to have had strong ties to the CIA. This happened on February 4, 2004, the very same day that the Defense Department's research arm DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Products Agency) killed its LifeLog Project, an ambitious effort to build a database tracking a person's entire existence. Coincidence... that the objective that LifeLog was attempting to achieve coincides precisely with what Facebook has become???
And wht can you say about the fact that many senior officials at DARPA immediately moved directly over to Facebook? 
DARPA's LifeLog was created to manage the needs of national security; LifeLog aimed to gather in a single place just about everything an individual says, sees or does: the phone calls made, the TV shows watched, the magazines read, the plane tickets bought, car rentals, tax returns, the e-mail sent and received, which posts you read and comment on at Facebook, obliterating the Constitutional right of privacy in this country. Out of this seemingly endless ocean of information, computer scientists would plot distinctive patterns in the data, mapping relationships, memories, events and experiences. LifeLog's backers said the all-encompassing diary could have turned into a near-perfect digital memory, giving its users an almost flawless recall of what each one of us has done in the past. DARPA officials claimed it was cancelled under pressure from civil libertarian groups due to the invasion of privacy it would create, "coincidentally" on the same day Facebook was founded!!

Facebook is DARPA's LifeLog, essentially. The public would not have voluntarily offered information to LifeLog as backed by the Department of Defense and CIA, so the government moved it to a new platform, to something perceived as cool, to Facebook. When you look at the background of the intelligence people that work at Facebook and follow the money for funding an essentially unprofitable venture like Facebook, it becomes obvious that THE LARGEST 'COLLECTIVE' SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM IN THE WORLD IS OWNED AND OPERATED (COVERTLY) BY THE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. The Chinese know this; they know the CIA is behind Facebook and therefore do not allow it in China.

Bulk data gathering continues surreptitiously through Facebook. By using Facebook each of us consents to having our personal data processed and stored by them forever. On Facebook we establish a personal profile, develop relationships, send messages, perform searches and queries, form groups, create events, and transfer information through a variety of channels. In turn the company collects all this so as to "provide better personalized service"... supposedly for you, but in reality the ones being served are the Intelligence Agencies. Google's DragonFly, which is being created for China, will ultimately expand the surveillance of American citizens along with Twitter's Leg Track. Google, like Facebook, also has its origins in DARPA. All of the ABC Intelligence Agencies have equal access to all bulk data collected. Very little escapes the watchful eye of Big Brother.

You could say that whoever is behind Facebook knows everything about YOU!! Be vigilant what you post!!!!! Be vigilant what you say!!!!! There is NO PRIVACY. Big Brother is always watching.

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  1. No face book for me. No time to socialize. Tick Tock, times is running out!


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