Thursday, April 11, 2019

Leaving Afghanistan

President Trump has ordered that the military finally withdraw all troops from Afghanistan, after 2300 Americans, of the 100,000 soldiers deployed there, lost their lives, and after a trillion dollars of tax payer money has been wasted there since 2001. There is much resistance to this action on the part of members of the Deep State and its controlled media outlets. Why did we go there in the first place after 9/11? And what is the Deep State's motivation for not wanting to finalize an endless war?

For nearly 30 years through the presidencies of Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama, the United States military and CIA have had a controlling interest in the Middle East. President Trump is closing this ugly chapter of American interventionalism, against aggressive resistance. Why were we there in the first place? Plain and simple, it was about plundering - plundering the natural resources of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, and Libya - their gold was looted, their oil was looted, their people and societies were decimated - so that the global syndicate, the puppet masters, the Rothchild/Rockefeller cabal, those pulling the strings of these four presidents, could profit.

So what resource did the dirt-poor nation of Afghanistan have for the West to plunder? Why would the United States deploy troops to a country with no strategic objective. The answer is their poppy fields. When you hear that grandpa George H.W. Bush Sr, (41) was affectionately referred to as "Poppy" Bush by his admiring family, think again - think Afghanistan, think about its poppy fields. Afghanistan was all about the CIA (which George H.W. Bush had previously been director) taking control of the drug trade there. The tragedy of 9/11 and its faux blame was only an excuse for Sonny Boy Bush returning to the Middle East after Bush Sr.'s initial failed engagement with Saddam Hussein.

At the time of the US incursion into Afghanistan in 2001, the poppy fields were being decimated by the Taliban. The drug business was viewed by the Taliban as destructive to the people and culture of Afghanistan. They sought to destroy it all and kill the drug trade. The CIA could not stand by idly, losing a major revenue stream, and let that happen.

Opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan supplied 90% of the global heroine supply. Putting things in perspective, by the numbers, in the year 2000, before the war, 82,000 hectares of land were utilized in Afghanistan for opium poppy production. The Taliban were drastically reducing that number so that by the time the war began in 2001 it was down to only about 800 hectares. After only three years of American intervention, fighting back the nasty Taliban, by the end of George W. Bush's first term in 2004, the amount of land devoted solely to opium was expanded well beyond its previous mark to 131,000 hectares. Again, why were we there? American troops were deployed to Afghanistan to protect the poppy fields and their supply lines. Plain and simple.

By the end of Bush's second term in 2008 that number was up further to 157,000 hectares. At the end of Obama's first term in 2012, it had stabilized at about 154,000 hectares, but grew in his second term to reach 201,000 hectares by the beginning of 2016; in his final year, by the time he left office in early 2017, it reached a stunning 320,000 hectares. So, from when we first went there to when we left, the opium poppy fields went from 800 hectares up to 320,000 hectares by stopping the Taliban from destroying the poppy crop and restoring production to unseen levels. In Obama's final year in office a record high of 9000 tons of opium was produced in Afghanistan.

After President Trump took office it was the first time that F-15 fighters and B-52 bombers were used to destroy opium labs and fields. The powers that be who were profiting are not happy with Trump, needless to say. By 2018, production fell to 6400 tons. Still too much. What the president is doing by getting us out of Afghanistan is that he is getting us out of the drug trade. He is trying to starve a major revenue source for the global syndicate in their supply line of the drug industry.

This is also what the border issue is about - to destroy the lucrative drug trade in addition to putting an end to human trafficking. In addition to plundering natural resources like oil and poppies, the global syndicate has always plundered human resources in the form of women and children. The Wall is simply a means of cutting off the revenue supply lines of the Deep State to shut down their trafficking and drug trade. Its another means of starving the Deep State.

The president is going after the big three sources of revenue that have funded and weaponized the Deep State's global initiative. This is the war that the president is fighting on multiple fronts. The president is intent on winning the war by cutting off their supply lines further. The resistance by the Lame Street Media, owned by the Deep State, has been so vicious because the powers that be do not want the public to know about the plundering that has gone on for decades. A lot is at stake for the Deep State. They are not going to just roll over in this war.

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