Friday, November 8, 2019

Battle for the Soul of America

There are two sets of rules in the United States. One set is for the insiders, the elites, and the people with wealth and power; then there is another set for the rest of us. 90% of the mainstream media and entertainment industry is owned by essentially six companies; they are part of the power structure, so they're really not interested in exploring corruption except at the margins. We are still a nation of laws where all people are equal, sure, but some of us are now more equal than others!!!

Look at Jeffrey Epstein, for instance, who accumulated vast wealth in some unknown way, got a slap on the wrist for a serious pedophilic crime that would have put any of the rest of us in jail for the rest of our lives; he got released on his own recognizance, sent home, and was able to continue business as usual. Epstein is just a high profile tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds and hundreds of corporate legal violations that end with the same result, where corporations who break the law are caught and fined, sometimes tens of millions of dollars, but compared to the amount of money they skimmed in some criminal embezzlement scheme or aversion by fraud, they raked in billions, maybe paying only a few million in fines. No big deal. This kind of story is not an outlier. This is how corporate America works. Paying little wrist-slap fines for embezzlement or defrauding the public is just another everyday cost of doing business.

If we go into the political sphere, we find the same thing. The system is rotten to the core because there are two sets of rules. The corruption is so systemic that the excuses and rationalizations that are made for impropriety are presented as if they are real, as if they have any verisimilitude at all – and people are expected to just believe their legal prevarication as the truth.

What is going on in America is looking more and more like what was going on in the old Soviet Union during the 1980's. Right before the Berlin Wall was torn down, the propaganda became more and more distorted and disconnected from reality. The more the Soviet economy collapsed, the better the news Pravda printed about the economy. In the Soviet republics, anybody talking about the  greatness of the Soviet Union got endless airplay; anybody that questioned anything was marginalized or sent off to the Gulag. In the United States, anyone who criticizes the President gets endless airplay; anybody that questions anything the left is doing or saying is marginalized and called a racist or some other derogatory non sequitur.

This current faux impeachment inquiry that keeps the leftist media's fantasies front and center could not be more distorted or disconnected and is a lot like what happened in the old Soviet Union. Everything is behind closed doors; everything is being done in the dark. Nobody knows the person who is making the complaint; the leadership in Congress does not want this person to testify. The Democrats are running an inquisition where no one knows who the accusers are; the Dems just say 'hey, you're guilty because we suspect you did something wrong and we're going to throw you in jail'. Due process is out the window.

It is a lot like the fall of Rome. The more Rome crumbled, losing its grip and failing under the weight of the very same kind of systemic corruption we are seeing in America today, the more they threw distractions at the people with entertainment at the Colosseum. By comparison the whole impeachment debacle appears as nothing more than the same form of distracting dark entertainment.

Congress operating behind closed doors is just another indication of the systemic rot that is occurring. The Democrats are not following any kind of transparency as one would expect to see in a democracy. Everything should be completely open to the public. When government leaders obstruct transparency, you've got a corrupt system like you would find in a third world banana republic where everything occurs behind closed doors by a faceless bureaucracy with no accountability. What recourse does the public have when it doesn't even know what the process is because it is hidden in the dark?

Corruption impedes fair decision-making, diverts resources meant for the public good, and erodes our trust of those in power. Across the fruited plain a fierce battle is raging; a battle for the soul of America. With its back against the wall, an entrenched vested corrupt bureaucracy is fighting for its life against staunch defenders of our Constitution, tradition, and way of life. Will America fall as did Rome or the Soviet Union, or will the compromise and corruption that has become the new standard in our country be replaced by transparency and the foundational values that made this nation the most wonderful experiment in governance the planet has ever seen?

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