Saturday, November 2, 2019

Bending Reality to Your Will

Human potential is nearly limitless, but having potential is not the same as doing something with it. Your brain carries with you all of your history in the form of memories. Everything that happened before is compressed in your brain, whether accurate or not, and ready for recall. You have no idea about the future even though your brain tries to predict it all the time. We dream about it and try to make predictions, but we really don't know what will happen. All we have is this sliver of reality which we call the present. The nice thing about the present is that it interacts with everything in your brain, so you can change things.

Memories change every time you recall them. When you recall something from your past, you open up that memory, then when you are done you put it back and save it. Each time you open the same memory, you are opening a modified version. This enables each of us to be able to change the past, change your experience of things. This is how therapy works. Each time you retell a story from your past, it is a new story. This is powerful. We each can control the narrative and do not have to be bound to the story that we keep retelling. That is what the brain is for - to synthesize, to change, simulate, and adjust to a better version of life. We can, at any time, tell a different story. We can make ourselves happy. We can make bad things look better. We can control things all by virtue of just telling a story, looking at things differently, and giving them a different meaning in the end. We each have the ability to change the story.

The narrative you tell yourself about yourself is the most important thing you have. If you tell yourself a story about struggle and inadequacy, not being good enough, and about failure, then that becomes your identity. The story you keep retelling justifies the identity you choose as your own. The day you change the narrative is the day you leap forward. Re-imagine yourself to already be the person you want to become. Admit that you were wrong about the way you looked at yourself and things, then get to polishing your self image to go in a better direction.

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