Saturday, November 9, 2019

Meditation and Intent

We each can remodel the functionality of our brain by the way we focus our thoughts. The intense focus of certain types of meditation may serve as a portal to hyper-dimensionality as well as peak awareness, literally transporting a meditator to a different dimension of reality. Such relaxed focus may result in an altered state of consciousness as well as a transcendent experience, where the brain may actually switch off certain neural connections, including an area near the back of the brain that constantly calculates a person's spatial orientation, the sense of the boundary between one's self and the external world. When this region is inactivated during deep meditation, the boundary between self and other blurs and may disappear altogether so that you are no longer aware of where you end and someone else begins.

Contrary to appearances, meditation may not be as much of a calming exercise as it is an energizing practice, enabling us to rewire our brains for not only improved reception, but also improved transmission of intention. Sharpened intention is accomplished by a laser focus in projecting thoughts about that which one desires. The art of successful intention, however, is knowing when to let go. Intention requires initial focused attention, but an outcome is not effected until we surrender the self to trust in higher powers to fulfill the intent.

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