Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Sacred Intent

When we look at the world around us, most of us see nothing more than a collection of separate, isolated people and objects. We look at ourselves as separate from everyone and everything else. That is going to have to change when we come to understand that there is a constant interchange of information between all living things and the world we look upon as not living. Thoughts are simply one form of this energy exchange.

We can no longer perceive ourselves as isolated from the world around us, and our thoughts as being completely private. Thoughts are powerful forms of energy that profoundly influence every aspect of our lives. As observers and creators, we are constantly remaking our world at every instant. Every thought we have, every judgment we hold, however unconscious, has an effect. Whether we know it or not, every conscious thought we express sends out a powerful intention.

We must rethink what it is to be human and how to relate to the world. We may need to consider the effect of everything we think about, whether it is vocalized or not. Even in our silence, our relationship with the world is impacted.

The power of thought underpins many disciplines in every reach of life, especially in our approach to healing. Modern medicine needs to more fully appreciate the role of intention in healing. The “placebo” effect that is too often discounted by the medical community, is more powerful than most realize. Discoveries on the cutting edge of science are showing us that the mind and its thoughtful intentions are a more powerful healer than any pharmaceutical miracle.

We are only beginning to understand the vast and untapped human potential that has always been at our immediate disposal - our extraordinary innate capacity to influence the world. It is something each one of us has the power to use, not just the gifted. Our thoughts may be a simple and inexhaustible source that can be called upon to focus our lives, heal our illnesses, clean up our environment, and improve our world. One well-directed thought may be a simple yet effective way for the average, ordinary person on the street to take matters of global interest into their own hands and restore our sense of individual and collective personal power that has been heretofore wrested from us by a fading paradigm.

We do not inhabit an indifferent universe populated by separate and unengaged beings. An understanding of the power of conscious as well as unconscious thought can only bring us all closer together. It is time that we open our minds to the wisdom of many native traditions that exercise an intuitive understanding of intention. Such cultures understand our place in the hierarchy of energy and the value of choosing how we engage the world with greater wisdom. We would do well to appreciate what they have come to understand that every thought is sacred, with the power to take physical form.

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