Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Spiritual Healing

Life is like a river, ever flowing, but the water is never the same from moment to moment. Like a river, we humans too are ever in a state of dynamic flow. Most every part of our bodies is replaced in time. Stomach cells are renewed every two days. Skin cells last about two weeks. Red blood cells stay with us for around four months. And while the liver is completely rebuilt every year and a half or so, it takes a decade to regrow bones completely. Some brain cells, certain cells in the eyes, and some germ cells are never replaced over the course of a lifetime.

Disease can exist within the body and last a long time, but in most cases, it too may be replaced by excellent health. A disease that stays with us a long time is generally of our own creation. We are not victims of bacteria and viruses. Spiritually speaking, the body is following a “blueprint for illness” that YOU are providing.

Each part of the body follows the concept of what you believe yourself to be. The body will always do its best to come into alignment with your thoughts, so it is important to always think appropriately positive thoughts. If you harbor destructive thoughts or are self-punishing, if you often show aggression toward others or get angry and lash out in discontent, your thoughts are drawing illness and negative conditions. Whatever you put out always returns. What goes around comes around.

When you become ill, it is most certainly because you have been harboring negative thought patterns that have solidified into a kind of mental attachment that eventually manifests as a particular kind of malaise. You may seek treatment from a doctor, but it is not the doctor that heals you. Healing only begins when you deal with the original cause (your thoughts) yourself.

To heal yourself, first make a change in your self-awareness, then shift your thought patterns accordingly. Seeing yourself objectively is one of the hardest things to do. A person must be objective to understand how the mind may become distorted from time to time, or how one's lifestyle has seriously gone out of balance.

A good place to begin is to spend more time in self-reflection, expressing feelings of sincere gratitude. The body will always follow the mind's lead, so always establish a healthy image of yourself in your mind, one that corresponds to the complete opposite of whatever condition or illness you are currently experiencing. From this then determine to manifest a healthy image by doing the following:

First, be increasingly aware of how you think about your body and how you think about any illness you might have. You get that which you focus on most. If you constantly remind yourself how much you hurt or how bad your condition is, you are not going to heal. Change the way you think about your body to be more positive.

Next, keep a positive mindset as you go through the day and take action to correct your condition. Tell yourself that you will take the necessary steps every day to improve the condition, then do it.

Next, begin an encouraging conversation with your body. If you commit to taking steps to heal yourself and promise yourself that you will do what it takes, your body will begin to react in a positive manner. Attitude is 99 per cent of the battle.

Be patient. It may have taken a lifetime for your body to express your illness; give it some time to repair and rebuild. Plant the idea in your mind that you are moving in the direction of better health, then stand back and let the body do the rest.

Be consistent and do all the things that will help you heal. Keep a positive outlook and express abundant gratitude from your heart for all the wonderful opportunities you have been given to learn and grow.

Follow these steps to regain your health or anything else you may desire in life. Stop negativity in its tracks and replace it with a positive outlook, then get out of it's way and let the spirit within you do what it can only do to bring you back into healthful balance.

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