Friday, December 6, 2019

the Inevitable Financial Reset

The top 1% of people own 53.2% of all stocks and mutual funds, and if you add in the next 9%, the rich control 93.2%, leaving the remaining 90% of us with just 6.8% of stocks and mutual funds. Furthermore, that same bottom 90% of us owe 72.4% of all the debt. It is debt slavery. When will the plebs tire of being indebted serfs to the elite few??? Why not Now!

What's wrong with this picture? The stock market, controlled and owned by the super-rich and those that serve their interests, has become increasingly fraudulent and parasitical. The families that own the Western central banks are printing money like never before and handing it over to corporations they also own, sucking the lifeblood out of 90% of the population. The financial system has become a giant black hole, which makes a collapse of all things connected mathematically inevitable. While it’s easy to spot a bubble, it’s harder to predict when it will burst. But a financial reset seems imminent. One thing financial experts do agree upon - when financial markets fight against reality, reality always wins.

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