Friday, January 3, 2020

Taking Charge of Life

The world is in an evolutionary upheaval. You see it everywhere. Some people are leaving behind old belief systems and moving forward into a new world, while others hold to the past and struggle with the change upon them. In the passing worldview, people have too often seen themselves as victims of the circumstances of the world around them. “Life did not give me the wonderful things that other people have.” But more and more people are coming to understand that if you have an issue - any issue - it's not a matter of the outside needing to give you something more to remedy it; we now know that the solution can only come from within.

The struggle is a result of our own subconscious beliefs and fears of disempowerment that we have been programmed with since early in life. When we were young, a parent or teacher may have told us, “You don't deserve this. Who do you think you are?” Your parents and teachers didn't mean what they said to be applied for the rest of your life; they were perhaps just trying to help you make an adjustment to your behavior at that time.

Ninety-five percent of our lives comes from these programs we first picked up when we were young. If you have disempowering beliefs about who you think you are from the people around you early in life, then that may be how you define who you are now. Unfortunately, these beliefs fill ninety-five percent of a person's day during their entire lifetime.

When we take time to reflect on what we really want - “I want good health, I want success, I want great relationships, I want all these wonderful things” - our wishes and desires - that's our conscious mind operating, the creative side of us. But science says that only during five percent of the day are we actually operating from our true wishes and desires. The rest of the day we operate from the programs that we received mostly during the first seven years of our lives. If those programs are what psychologists tell us we mostly apply, and that seventy percent of them are negative, disempowering, and self-sabatoging, then it becomes understandable why so many of us are struggling.

We are not struggling because the universe is not providing; life can only be a struggle when the wishes and desires of our own consciousness are not being applied. This is what we have to change – getting back control of our minds, taking back full charge of our consciousness to overcome these underlying programmed limitations. There are many different ways to take back this control and again become the master of our own lives.

We can begin by being conscious of every moment, attentive to every thought, aware of every breath. awe don't need to yield our focus to the subsconscious. To draw that which we really want and desire to ourselves, we must keep the creative conscious mind active and in focus at all times. Ask yourself, as you set sail upon the course of your life – who is steering the boat? Is it your conscious attentive mind? Or your programmed subconsicous? Who is really in charge of your life???? YOU or those who influenced your beliefs you when you were seven years old?

Write down what it is that you want. Be as specific as possible. Put it down where you eyes can see it, again and again. Read it aloud every day, more than once, so that your ears can hear it. Bring the reality you really want into focus. The more you give what you really want your focused attention, the more you reprogram your subconscious to reflect what it is that your conscious mind desires. Once the subconscious mind is rewired, it will guide you to what it is you want.

This is the beginning of a new year in a new decade.  Let's all make it the beginning of the life we may have only ever dreamed of. I make this my Resolution, resolved to do whatever it takes to be what I really want to be.

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