Friday, January 10, 2020

the Agenda of Donald and Vlad

There is much more to Donald Trump than either his critics or followers believe they understand. Our controversial President has a much clearer agenda than anyone can imagine on both foreign policy and internal affairs, but since he has to stay in power or even stay alive to achieve his objectives, his strategy is so refined and subtle that next to no one can see it. His overall objective is so ambitious that he has to follow a very indirect path using patterns that throw people off on their comprehension of the man. Once a person understands what Trump is about, he’ll be able to appreciate the extraordinary presidency he’s conducting, like no predecessor ever came close to matching.

Perhaps his greatest achievement already has been that he is the first and only President in the country's history to address humanity’s worst collective flaw - its total misguided ignorance of reality. Because most the media and education are controlled by a mere handful of billionaires that are running the planet, we really don’t know anything about our history other than what has been offered up by a very small group of people, and we don’t have a clue about what is going on in our present world.

Trump has done a remarkable job at convincing a majority of people to understand that the media lies and that essentially everything we think we know about what is going on is entirely "fake news”. Media lies don’t just cover history and politics, but have shaped our false perceptions on topics like the economy, food, climate, health, and most everything else. The nightly news will not tell you what is going on. History books won't tell you who really shot JFK, that we had advance knowledge and could have prevented Pearl Harbor, that 911 was an inside job, that humans are not killing the planet, that the banks are running a racketeering operation. Trump is the first president to come along that knows that the first thing that needs to occur before freedom is restored is that an awakening to the truth must occur.

Since taking office Trump has been depicted as a narcissist, a racist, a sexist and a -phobe of one sort or another, loaded with shady past stories and mental issues. While the majority of the public does not trust the media, it has still done a good job of selling the idea that Trump might be slightly crazy or unfit to rule. While Trump continues to be openly outrageous and provocative on Twitter, he is not too concerned about undoing the deeply negative perception he is being portrayed as. Trump's actions are, if anything, the exact opposite of how pathological narcissists behave, since they thrive on being loved by everyone. Frankly, he doesn't care whether you like him or not, which makes him an undeniable anti-narcissist.

Trump's plan is in plain sight for everyone to see. He aims to wrest power away from the globalist bankers, military industrialists, and multinationalists and give it back to the people. To accomplish this he needs to end all wars and bring back our troops from foreign stations, dismantle the CIA and NATO, take control of the Federal Reserve, abolish the Swift financial system, cut our links with our so-called “allies”, destroy the propaganda instrument of the media, drain the swamp of the deep state that is running the spy organizations, and disable the shadow government lurking in the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission. His objectives run broad and deep. Fortunately, he is more than a one-man battering ram.

First of all, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are working off the same page. Trump understands that Russia is not our adversary, but perhaps our greatest ally in the world. Since Putin took power he has worked tirelessly to drain the Russian swamp, and until Trump came along, Putin was singlehandedly fighting the New World Order and its obsession to control the world oil market. Oil is the life blood running through the veins of the world economy, so to protect the interests of independent oil producers like Syria, Iran, and Venezuela, Putin developed advanced missile systems to counter the takeover plans of the New World Order.

Trump's greatest adversaries are within reach outside the windows of the Oval Office. The CIA and NATO take their marching orders from the shadowy influences of the worldwide banking industry. Most of our own government at both the federal and state levels is controlled by permanent unelected officials of the Deep State. Even the military does not take orders from the Commander in Chief. Truth be told, the thing that prevents our democratic republic from falling into the complete control of totalitarian forces are the 393 million weapons in the homes of average Americans. The public needs to understand who is truly on their side, and who is not.

One has to realize how much trouble the U.S. Army and spying agencies have been going through in creating false-flag operations for more than a century, so that their interventions always looked righteous, in the name of democracy promotion, human rights and justice around the planet. They blew up the Maine ship in 1898 to enter the Hispanic-American war, then the Lusitania in 1915 to enter WW1. They pushed Japan to attack Pearl Harbor in 1941, knew about the attack 10 days in advance and said nothing to the Hawaiian base. They made up a North Vietnamese torpedo aggression on their ships in the Tonkin Bay to justify sending boots on the Vietnamese ground. They made up a story of Iraqi soldiers destroying nurseries to invade Kuwait in 1991. They invented mass destruction weapons to attack Iraq again in 2003, and organized 911 to shred our Constitution, attack Afghanistan, and launch a War on terror. This totally fake mask of virtue has to be preserved for controlling the opinion of the American citizens and their domestic arsenal, who have to believe that they wear the white cowboy hats of democracy.

Trump is only the fourth president in U.S. history to actually fight for the people, unlike all 41 others, who mainly channeled the people’s money in a pipeline of dollars that ends up in private banks. First there was Andrew Jackson who was shot after he destroyed the Second National Bank that he openly accused of being controlled by the Rothschilds and the City of London. Then there was Abraham Lincoln, who was murdered after printing his "greenbacks", national money that the state issued to pay the soldiers because Lincoln had refused to borrow money from the Rothschilds at 24 percent interest. Then there was JFK, who was killed for a dozen reasons that mostly went against the banks and military industry profits, and now there is Donald Trump, who shouted that he would “Give America back to the people”.

As a businessman, Trump hates banks. He understands that they basically sell you an umbrella, only to take it back as soon as it rains. Private banking’s control over money creation and interest rates, through every Central Bank of almost every country, creates permanent power over nations, far above the ephemeral cycle of politicians. By the year 2000, these nation-looters were only a few steps away from their planetary totalitarian dream, but a couple of details stood in their way: Vladimir Putin and 393 million American weapons. Then came along the Donald, the last piece in the puzzle that we the people, needed to terminate 250 years of banking control.

Early in his mandate, Trump naively tried the direct approach, by surrounding himself with establishment rebels like Michael Flynn and Steve Bannon, then by annoying each and every one of his foreign allies, shredding their free-trade treaties, imposing taxes on imports, and insulting them in their face at the G7 meetings of 2017 and 2018. The reaction was strong and everyone doubled-down on the Russiagate absurdity, as it looked like the only option to stop Trump from his path of globalism destruction.

Predictably, the direct approach went nowhere; Flynn and Bannon had to go, and Trump was entangled in a handful of inquiries that made him realize that he wouldn’t get anything accomplished with transparency. He had to find a way to take out the most dangerous people on the planet, while at the same time, stay in power and alive. He had to smarten up.

That’s when his genius exploded on the world. He completely changed his strategy and approach, and started making absurd decisions and tweeting outrageous declarations. As threatening and dangerous as some of these first looked, Trump didn’t use them at their direct meaning, but was aiming at their  genuine second degree effects that his moves would have. He didn’t care what people thought of him, as everything he did was purely for effect. He even played buffoon on Twitter, looked naive, lunatic or downright idiotic, perhaps purposefully aiming to impregnate a faux belief that he didn’t know what he was doing, and therefore that he couldn’t really be that dangerous. He was willfully being politically incorrect to uncover the ugly face that the United States had become behind the mask of its leadership.

At first glance, Trump's economical sanctions on countries like Russia, Turkey, China, Iran, Venezuela, and other nations looked tough and merciless, but the reality of these sanctions pushed those countries out of the Swift financial system designed to keep enslaving nations through the dollar hegemony, and now they’re all slipping away from the international banks’ grip. It forced Russia, China, and India to create an alternative system of trade payments based on national currencies, instead of the almighty dollar. The bipolar reality of the world is now official, and with his upcoming sanctions, Trump will push more countries out of the Swift system to join his side, while watching powerful banks like J.P. Morgan and Deutsche Bank begin their death spiral.

Even within the political hurricane Trump is in, he still finds time to display his almost childish arrogant humor. Look at his grandiose mockery of Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama, as he sat down with the most straight-faced generals he could find, to take a picture in a so-called 'situation room' as they faked the monitoring of the death of Baghdadi somewhere he couldn’t be, exactly like his criminal predecessors did a long time ago with the fake Bin Laden killing.

There is no longer reason to not have a clue about what Trump is doing, three years into his mandate, despite what the mainstream media has seemingly been trying to convince everyone that Trump is mentally challenged. Now that you understand what Trump is really about, you can appreciate the show, in all of its splendor and true meaning. For those who still entertain doubts about Trump’s agenda, do you really believe that the obvious implosion of American Imperialism over the planet is a coincidence? Do you still believe that it is because of the Russian influence on the 2016 election that the CIA, the FBI, every media company, the American Congress, the Federal Reserve, the Democratic party and the warmongering half of the Republicans are working against him and are even trying to impeach him? Like most stuff that comes out of the media, reality is the exact opposite of what you’re being told.  Trump might be the most dedicated man to ever set foot in the Oval office. And certainly the most ambitious and politically incorrect.

Adapted from the writings of Sylvain LaForest

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