Friday, January 17, 2020

U.S. Space Force

On the day after Christmas 2019, the President signed into law the U.S. Space Force Act. This is far more significant than just the rollout of a new branch of the United States military into space. The new United States Space Command will provide a formal structure within government whereupon disclosure of heretofore classified technologies can be officially revealed for the benefit of all.

The U.S. Navy has recently applied for open source patents on compact fusion reactors and hybrid anti-gravitic flying craft that lay the foundation for development of practical technologies for ubiquitous free energy and unimaginably efficient public transportation advances. Perhaps even more incredible are the stargates and traversible wormholes secretly developed through the clandestine secret space program and used for decades according to insiders. Disclosure of these and other mind-boggling advanced technologies will not only revolutionize the aerospace industry, but will dramatically change the everyday world for each of us.

A National Space Agency will give these hidden technologies cover for full disclosure to occur. As each advance has been unveiled at the U.S. Patent Office thus far, it has been classified as open source, meaning that anyone can take the technology and run with it without paying royalties to the federal government. This should lead to a rapid proliferation of all manner of innovations that will affect us all in a very positive way.

The name of the U.S. Navy engineer credited with these recent patents is Salvatore Pais. No one seems to know much about him, however. A fascinating translation of his name reveals that he is the “Savior of the Country”. Does Salvatore Pais even exist? Or is this just a clever way of finally disclosing alien technology that we have been using for decades without public knowledge, gifted to us at some point by off-world civilizations or reverse-engineered from crashed alien craft? Will such disclosure at this point in time launch us into an unprecedented advancement of civilization?

However these advanced technologies have come to be in our possession, their revelation at this point promises a quantum leap in technological application that we may not have anticipated. Consider a fusion reactor the size of a suitcase that generates 100 times more energy than the largest nuclear power plant – safely and at no cost. Unlimited free energy will change everything, especially when you consider that all capital is based upon energy. And think about how the world will shrink when any one of us can travel to any place on the planet in less than an hour – at no cost - and it may soon become commonplace to travel back and forth within our own solar system and beyond to the stars or we may have the opportunity to live and work and raise our families off-planet. This is not the space program of John F. Kennedy.

The Space Force opens the door to the introduction of remarkable technologies that are already operable and ready to be shared worldwide. Tomorrow may be Star Trek on steroids. Suspend your disbelief, hold onto your seat, and enjoy the ride. Thank you, Mr. President.

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