Friday, February 7, 2020

a Learning Moment for the American People

The three-year diversion of impeachment has finally come to an end. President Trump can now return his focus to what he was elected to do. He promised the American people that he was going to bring all the wars to an end; he was going to take power away from the warmongers. In the process the warmongers did everything they could to sabotage his efforts; when they couldn't control him, they turned to the Russia-gate hoax, then to the Ukraine-gate hoax, and they are likely not done with the things they can throw at him. It is important that Americans realize what the real issue is.

The real issue is not that the establishment just doesn't like Donald Trump or that they think that Trump is a bore or a bully or a pervert or anything else (actually they don't mind those things). What they are afraid of is that Trump is trying to break the control that has been in the hands of a powerful trans-Atlantic elite, especially since the assassination of President John Kennedy, and destroy this idea of a unilateral policy from London and Wall Street that imposes economic austerity, de-industrialization, and population reduction, while conducting war after war after war in an attempt to destroy sovereign nations so that they can impose a top-down dictatorship.

Now that we are past the impeachment distraction it is very important to look at who is involved and why. This is a learning moment for the American people. Most people know there is something very wrong in Washington, that the public's interests are not being served. That is why Trump was elected – to take on the corrupt authority in Washington and bring about positive change. We now have an opportunity to show the American people who is doing it and why.

There is a story behind the story. If you look at the surface, at Pelosi, Schiff, and company, you see nothing more than a bunch of delusional lunatics. The Democrat Party has, for all intents and purposes, been destroyed – taken over by a bunch of communists and socialists. It appears like they actually believe what they are saying, but one has to believe it is more a matter of following marching orders from higher-ups. The whole Democrat Party now comes across as a cult – an anti-Trump cult – but there is more to it than that.

As people are beginning to connect the dots they are learning that everything the Dems are blaming Trump for are the very things they are guilty of themselves, or worse. Anyone who is intellectually honest with themselves has to be able to see through their obvious charade. The truth here is so obvious; if it is not obvious then, as I like to say, with a serious face, “people are stuck on stupid”.

Let's take a look at Ukraine, for instance. How did Ukraine become the center of the second controversy? This goes back to something that happened in 2012 to 2014, which was a decision for regime change in Ukraine. Who was behind that? Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the neo-conservative movement, networks of the State Department, the media, and the British. What was their intention? Were they really trying to root out corruption in Ukraine? Of course not, or they would have done something about Joe and Hunter Biden back then. Joe Biden was the point man for the Obama policy, which was to carry out a coup that brought into the government and the security apparatus neo-Nazis. Take a look at the Ukraine security forces at the time marching with Nazi symbols on their arms. They were self-admitted Nazis and not something they were trying to hide. The Obama administration knew all this and still enabled the Nazis by spearheading the coup in Ukraine. One need only to follow the money to understand why.

The question is why would a section of the U.S. Government and the intelligence community support neo-Nazis in Ukraine? In large part, the reason is they wanted continued confrontation with Russia; they didn't want a reset or shift away from the old geo-political confrontation to keep replaying the cold war. They did not want to end that; they wanted to continue money funneled into defense contracts. But perhaps more importantly, they wanted to continue the existing financial system which is breaking down. There is a shift going on which includes countries like Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and others that are looking to get beyond the petro-dollar system, but more importantly countries like China and Russia that are trying to move the base of their economies to physical economic production – not speculation.

The people behind the geo-politicians, the ones who fund the think-tanks, the ones within the so-called military-industrial complex are not just defense contractors, but they are the bankers and the insurance companies too – the ones that get called in to build democracy. They're not building democracy. We would not have destroyed Iraq had we had national security interests in mind. And remember Ghaddafi? He gave up his WMD weapons and what did Secretary of State Clinton do – she had him killed. An otherwise stable Libya was instantly destabilized on purpose. The Obama administration was attempting to destroy these countries for the same reason the British Empire attempted to do so at the beginning of the 20th Century – never forget history – to sustain this imperial colonial policy and destroy sovereignty.

So then Trump comes in, and they say Trump is ignorant; he's a bully and doesn't know what he is doing. He may come off a bit onerous at times and arrogant, but he is right for his reasons to want to end these endless wars. We are spending trillions of dollars to destroy other countries, money that could be better spent in much needed areas of our own country – education, infrastructure, healthcare, and so on. Anyone that doesn't support the president on this is a fool. Those who embrace John Bolton – like the Democrat leadership – are supporting a continued war policy. You would think that somewhere along the way some of these Democrats would be scratching their heads and wondering why they are supporting these endless wars.

All of this has been exposed. The problem is that you will never read about it in the mainstream media. There has to be a larger effort in exposing what is behind people like Shiff and Pelosi. These people are just puppets of the real policy-makers in London and Wall Street. The investigations by the Justice Department are many. The puppets will be the first to fall. An awakening of a larger swath of the American public is likely to continue at a drip-drip pace, but it is happening, and will hopefully gain momentum with the imminent flood of indictments that grand juries have been stacking up against an incrreasingly desperate entrenched Deep State.

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