Thursday, February 13, 2020

All Relationships are Reflections

Our immediate realty always reflects our own individual state of mind. It is one's state of mind that fuels manifestation. As we perceive, so life expresses. The majority of people in our immediate sphere essentially mirror the thoughts we have about ourselves, including those that are hidden away in our subtle, subconscious layers. Taking some time to ponder this idea, we can discover a lot about ourselves.

The revolving door of relationships in our lives reflects our own personal evolution as a thinking intelligence and sentient being. As our perceptions change, it is inevitable that our relationships will change too. Some we keep, some drift away, and new relationships are attracted corresponding to our own personal evolution. It's just the way it is. It's important to understand that every person in our lives is relevant, however, playing a part within the life we have scripted.

Therefore, there is never a reason to negatively judge or blame another in any situation ever again, because that person is in our life as a reflection of who we are. It was “us” who wrote them into the play. Whatever it is that we perceive about another person, we are inviting that quality into our own experience, whether positive or negative. Think about perfection, we attract that quality into our experience; think about imperfection, and so we shall find it in our lives.

There is only one feeling worthy of projection, and that is love – pure unselfish love that holds each person in his or her highest potential. We are all One. Others are really us, merely experiencing a different aspect of the same existence, reflecting our own image back at us from the mirror of life. Love your self and you love others. Love others and you love yourself.

To understand any relationship more clearly, we must first get in touch with our own beliefs that attracted that person into our life as a reflection of ourselves at this particular point. Want something or someone different in life, we need only shift our beliefs and hold our focus on the desired vibration. In other words, come up with a different way of relating that mirrors the frequency of the reality we would prefer.

One need only shift our vibration to match the particular frequency we desire to reflect back from our life's mirror. Each of us must see in others some aspect of our own being since, in reality, we are all interconnected, just parts of a larger consciousness that form an integral whole – we are but One.

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