Monday, February 3, 2020

Ascension Christianity

There is nothing “real” about physical existence, for all physical is but a construct of the Mind of God and does not exist apart from his thought creating and maintaining it.

In the beginning there was nothing, except for the aware and thinking non-physical God whose strong desire to create led him to bring forth material existence as a realm for creativity to be expressed and manifested.

All physical existence, being but a thought of the Mind of God is without limit as to size, shape, volume or any other material attributes. Nevertheless, it is finite for the Mind of God is limited in knowledge of what could be and thus, in capacity to create infinite complexity.

This restraint was dealt with by God in a very clever manner by allowing and creating sub-units of his own consciousness who could create on they own from a seeming independence, having free will which they could exercise in an environment of contrast.

The duality of physical existence gives rise to an illusion that is a realm of creation for consciousness to lose itself in. The contrast that arises from duality allows for choice and an art of creation that introduces unpredictability into all, but ultimately yields an ordered outcome.

Humanity is a sub-group with individual units of consciousness who serve as powerful creators who push against the finite by giving rise to greater complexity in novel and unexpected ways which could not come from God directly.

As humanity creates, God perceives and experiences all, and thus, as all of creation, cherishes the humans who strive to be imaginative creators and powerful in their ability to manifest in the material, for they are doing “God’s work.”

Polarity, a form of contrast, is exhibited in beings who glorify the self and seek fulfillment in physical illusion pushing against and being pushed in turn by beings who seek to shed all illusion and seek fulfillment by way of uniting again with all consciousness and be with and in God completely. The act of transitioning to a higher, with less illusion, level of consciousness is ascension and with the upcoming ascension process there will also be transitioning to a new less binding physical environment.

The non-physical realms’ injection of the Christ Consciousness of Jesus upon earthly affairs was an attempt to positively influence humanity and provide a preview of the process of ascension. The spiritual construct of Ascension Christianity is an expression of the core essentials of that effort as supplemented over time by further injections of bits of needed concepts and perspectives, such that all is not “new,” but rather are “jewels” reset into a new and more integrated setting.

It presents a paradigm where humanity reclaims its power to assume sovereignty as individuals with a divine inheritance and as powerful creators, not only of the material, but also of their own reality and destiny.

Traditional constructs has humanity as sinners needing an external savior for sacrificial atonement and salvation. Here, humanity has but to awaken the divinity within, for they are literally in God and God is in them, and exercise their own power, force and coherence to arise to join Jesus, not to helplessly wait for salvation. The key message Christianity as originally intended and now is that the exterior world is a manifestation of the interior one, that the Kingdom of God is within and can be made manifest.

Ascension Christianity is a practice of spirituality, and not meant to be a religion. Spirituality is where one seeks truth, understanding, and wisdom; religion is where the seeking has ended and dogma as truth is settled for, often devised by another. Ascension is not an endeavor of just a thinking man, it is in the doing, and not just having the “right” thoughts.
authored by Veðrfölnir 

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