Saturday, February 1, 2020

the Battle for Who Rules

We are facing a situation in the United States today that parallels the ones our forefathers faced with the American Revolution and the Civil War. In the first instance early Americans rebelled against the notion that King George III was born to rule citizens of the colonies. In the second we rebelled over the notion that one color of skin was born to rule another. The divisions we face today are equally as stark.

Today we are witnessing an increasing number of abnegators of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution that established our nation's foundation. Those on the left believe that society must relinquish many of its freedoms in order to be better managed for their own good. The progression of such an engineered approach has changed the way we are now governed and threatens to change our very way of life decisively and for all time.

Our government has been fundamentally altered from the way it was established with the Constitution gradually being replaced by an alternate form of government. The way it has been altered is key to understanding what is occurring. The great majority of laws that come to rule the land at the federal level no longer originate from Congress. The people we elect to make the laws delegate that work to a collective of around 150 independent agencies consisting of unelected officials. The vast majority of legislation therefore comes from these unelected career bureaucrats with little to no accountability to the electorate.

The founders and the thinkers upon whom they drew their foundational beliefs knew that such an arrangement would destroy the accountability of the government to the people, and therefore destroy the grounds of government by consent. The authority of those who hold these unelected offices is legitimized by the fact that they are ultimately under control of the people who have been legitimately elected, however, as evidenced by the testimony of the recent Ukraine hearings, the bureaucrats are increasingly coming to believe that it is they who make policy. They are the experts and believe it is they who should be in charge of guiding the nation toward a better future as they see it - not those elected to Congress and the Presidency. That is where we are and that is wherein lies the existential battle between believers in rule by representatives rightly chosen by the electorate or rule by nameless, faceless expert bureaucrats who have gained a foothold of control in Washington.

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