Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Affirmations of a Multidimensional Intelligence

  • I am opening into my higher mind and allowing that higher mind to be the dominant influence in my life.
  • I have high mental and emotional control. I am not easily swayed or controlled by the illusion of the matter-bound senses.
  • I am constantly expanding my ability to see beyond the linear construct.
  • All things in the universe are infinitely interconnected and everything represents a larger whole as a reflection of that whole.
  • I experience myself as a part of that all-inclusive whole; I am also the whole containing many parts.
  • I am attuned with and receiving from not one, but many aspects of my existence, and from many dimensions of awareness.
  • I am individualized consciousness that resides within the body of God, as creation itself. I live, move, and have my entire being inside the body of omnipresent awareness.
  • All of my thoughts, feelings, and actions are the way that Creation expresses itself through the unique gateway that is me, as a human channel.
  • I am a unique spark of light that permanently resides within the vast body of universal wholeness. It is from this wholeness that I am always channeling energy.
  • I embody the quality of personal integrity. I understand that I am the creator of my own reality. All of my life reflections are mirroring the degree of my holistic integration.
  • I embody the quality of self-validation. I place high value upon my life and how I am choosing to navigate it in order to learn and evolve.
  • I consistently live the true frequency of my core self by following what inspires me. I live according to my highest preferences.
  • I am grounded, calm, and can center myself at any moment. The incomiong streams of divine impression can always find me in the presence of being.
  • By combining my intelligence with others of like resonance, I become an integral part of a highly influential forcefield of transformation for the planet. I embody whole self-attunement and coherently connected consciousness.
  • I am connected to my all-inclusive holistic nature.
  • I am a microcosm of the macrocosm. I am a God creator in the flesh. My consciousness is eternal. Presence is my natural state.
  • I exist and will always exist, changing form many times. There is only life. My consciousness is vastly interconnected and it is eternal.
  • My consciousness resides inside the body of God. I am eternal and free.
  • It is when I am at one and in coherence with my Greater Self in daily communion that I am led down the path of non-stop opening doors.
  • I know when I am connected and aligned to my higher mind when I feel inspired.
  • Joy, passion, inspiration, and excitement are feeling states that give valuable clues to my next step towards something.
  • In my refusal to accept any form of negativity in my life, I gradually make departure from a reality of limitation.
  • From this moment forward, I choose to stop all thinking from a thought system that perceives limitation of any type. I have all that I need within my powerful self as one with my higher mind.
  • I am made of sacred essence. I am one with Divine Mind. I am divinity through with form. Everything is a blessing. There is no other recognition.
  • All is Divine Presence. I see only the blessing in all that is appearing in my life. Everything is on purpose and has great meaning for my soul evolution.
  • I am within God, and God is within me. God is experiencing Itself through me as a human channel. This is my highest alignment and truth.
  • I am a Divine Channel. I thrive from multidimensional intelligence.
From Morphogenesis by Tiara Kumara, pp. 160-161

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