Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Disclosure is Coming

The photo above with the little Zeta Reticulan grey announces that Alien Disclosure is Coming SOON. Even if you aren't in complete denial, with your head in the sand and hands over your ears, this may still come as a shock. To wonder aloud if there is other life in the universe or to think that we are alone in all of God's creation is simply ignorant and naive. There are countless other extraterrestrial beings and civilizations and even more planetary bodies with life that has not advanced along the evolutionary path very far or that does not resemble what we would describe as living. Not only is the universe teeming with active life forms, many of them are much further along the evolutionary path than we here on earth. Off-world beings have interacted with the earth for longer than we have been here; they have even been interacting with our government and others since after World War II so that planet earth today has extensive trade relationships with hundreds of other civilizations, not only in our own solar system, but throughout our galaxy, and perhaps beyond. If you don't already know this it is only because the powers that be in the government of the people and beyond the government have chosen not to share knowledge with you. But the world is changing, of necessity. It is now becoming necessary that everyone on earth knows about intergalactic relationships and the exchange activity that has been going on.

Be prepared to rethink much of what you believe to be true - about EVERYTHING. “For your own good”, disclosure will proceed to trickle out as a measured bleedout. The protocol will be gradual. Full disclosure of the whole truth would send civilization into a frightening tail spin. The whole truth is literally too much for most to handle. So, expect society to be spoon-fed a little at a time to make the medicine of such dramatic change easier to swallow. People are ready for some information, but the Department of Defense and Military Intelligence has decided, based upon social and psychological demographics, that a reduced amount of truthful information would be more digestible to a larger portion of the population than the whole truth all at once.

What can the public expect? Disclosure may occur in one of two ways. Either we have a “take me to your leader” event, or we have a hoax invasion. There is a lot of discussion about what the better plan is – which is more controllable and which has more loose ends. We will all find out when it happens! What is known is that those (earthlings) in charge of making this decision are ethically and morally good people, as opposed to people with bad intent only interested in their own bank accounts.

What is also known is that the Secret Space Program (SSP) is the tip of the spear regarding disclosure. The SSP stands to benefit the most from public awareness of their programs. The main reason is personnel shortfalls. The SSP needs more bodies in space – millions more of us are needed to fill occupational roles already established in space. It is all about jobs. Classified covert recruitment, which has been the way they have largely been staffing space operations, is not adequate to fulfill the needs in space that are being projected for the next five to ten years. The only option that will satisfy the need is open enlistment, and in order for open enlistment to happen we are going to have to have disclosure.

It is unlikely that everything about SSP operations will be disclosed to the public, for much the same reason that the military maintains a high degree of secrecy and classification of its projects and activity. Recruitment will be targeted and selective, focusing on specific job descriptions like military infantry, medical personnel, engineers, IT, and computer tech – whatever the need is at the time - bodies to fill boots to fill jobs so that we can continue to progress with the plan to expand further and further into space.

The SSP has an overriding objective to secure safety, security, prosperity, and stability, both here on earth and in space. The only way to guarantee that is by an expansion of territorial boundaries within which we have military effect. The larger we can expand that boundary, the more security we will have in this part of the galaxy. Implicit within this is an understanding that there are “bad guys” in space, just like here on earth, and that we as a species are very good at military engagement. Humans are viewed as talented warriors by other civilizations and so we fill a much needed defensive security niche in this corner of the universe.

Much of the high tech and AI that the SSP utilizes in space will be shared with us on the home planet. The only question is how much and how fast. Civilians have always benefited by advances made by the military and NASA. Soon we will be exposed to unbelievable technology developed in space, or secured in exchange from other civilizations, that will benefit our well-being and prosperity – medical tech, information tech, free energy, advanced aeronautical and transportation tech, AI, and advanced weaponry and exo-bodysuits.

The medical advancements that we have achieved in space, for instance, will totally revolutionize health care on the planet. For instance, the reason that casualty rates during military engagements in space is so low is that if there is an injury or a loss of body parts they already have the tech to quickly heal or grow back what was lost and send the soldier right back onto the battlefield. Imagine crawling into a tanning bed-like apparatus and being healed of all degenerative diseases in one treatment or growing back a finger you cut off or growing a new liver or growing back new teeth that have been lost. Disease will be as easily treated as the doctor aboard the Enterprise on Star Trek – Bones – waving his tri-corder and quickly releasing you from sick bay. Truth is cooler than fiction.

The protocol has essentially been gradual, gradual, gradual, gradual... until it's not. Expect to see little leaks of information until we have a major event. Once an event occurs there will be an opportunity to accelerate the release of information to go from gradual to big chunk. The nature of the event is not completely agreed upon. It will not be random, but occur as the result of a controlled plan. According to best sources, we should see something that we have never seen before on a level that reaches most people on the planet sometime within the next six to twenty-four months. It should be a worldwide event that no one can deny or explain away.

A certain amount of mayhem is probably unavoidable. A lot of people are going to be angry that they have been lied to, not to mention that people inherently fight change. The impact on the spiritual community alone is going to be huge and unpredictable. Contingencies are established to deal with a broad spectrum of anticipated public reaction. If history is any guide, then most people will come to accept a huge change such as this within the first ninety days. They may not like it and complain, but their reaction is fairly predictable. There is perhaps still fifteen percent of the population that are a concern and unpredictable. The bottom line is that we are not going to know how it all plays out until it happens.

After ninety days, most people will become habituated and generally accept the new way that things have become. Things will normalize. You will go outside and look up into the sky and see space ships and not give them a second glance. Time will sort out the rest.

The inevitability of full disclosure, once everyone on earth acknowledges that they have become citizens of the galaxy, is that the planet as a whole will become more unified – with a single currency and a single economic system. There will be some uncomfortable adjustments, but we will become one global operating system – One World – because it will be more efficient and stable, far more productive, and less chaotic than under a system of a bunch of sovereign nation-states. This is not the same as the globalization agenda we see competing with capitalism in the world today. There will be no place for leadership with selfish or bad intentions. Resources will be abundantly available to all citizens and poverty will come to an end worldwide, which in turn will reduce crime to almost non-existent. Suffering will largely disappear and the level of consciousness on the planet will naturally move up. By eliminating the blocks to development, we will be able to emotionally, spiritually, and socially evolve with more ease.

A huge change is coming. There may very likely be a conflictive and/or disruptive phase with all of this. But once we get past the bumps in the road, humans are destined to become more accepting of one another as we unify and are brought together with off-world beings. We are all of one family ultimately.

One of the things that will bring this about will be what is termed the “Exchange Program”. There will first be a number of academic extraterrestrials that will come here to freely share their information and bring the planet up to speed with the rest of the intergalactic community. But more importantly, millions upon millions of earth citizens will be chosen to go on four to five year trips to other worlds to learn about that culture, to learn about their civilization, to learn about their technology, and then do the equivalent of writing a Masters thesis or books on the subject, and then come back to earth. Once the Exchange Program begins and millions of terrestrial citizens return after five years away to other worlds, with millions of stories, millions of books from other worlds, and millions of research documents, there is no way to calculate the influence that all of that will have. It will certainly change consciousness on this planet in a way that we have never experienced before. While one cannot specifically anticipate the effects of such an exchange, one has to believe they will be more positive than negative.

So - tick, tick, tick. Suspend disbelief and hold onto your seat. Disclosure and change are coming SOON.

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